How to the Skippy Gun in Cyberpunk 2077

Skippy gun mode dialogue choice.

Cyberpunk 2077 boasts a diverse array of weapons for players to discover. While many of these weapons are commonly found in the game world, some are exceptionally unique and demand specific prerequisites for acquisition. Among these distinctive weapons is one known as “Skippy,” an interactive smart gun. To unravel the mystery of obtaining the Skippy gun in Cyberpunk 2077, refer to our comprehensive guide below.

Locating the Skippy Gun

Map location of the Skippy gun in Cyberpunk 2077.
You will find Skippy in the alleyway at this location.

Initiating the quest to acquire Skippy necessitates your initial discovery of the weapon’s whereabouts. To embark on this quest, journey to the southern reaches of Vista Del Rey and venture into the adjacent alleyway. Inside the alley, you will encounter Skippy within a weapon case beside a lifeless body. As you pick up Skippy, it will activate your interaction with this unique firearm.

Which Skippy Mode to Choose

Upon picking up Skippy for the first time, the weapon will engage in dialogue with you. You can either inquire further by asking questions or progress the quest by selecting the highlighted gold dialogue options. Eventually, you will be introduced to two distinct modes of operation for Skippy:

  1. Stone Cold Killer: Skippy operates with lethal intent.
  2. Puppy-Loving Pacifist: Skippy adopts a non-lethal approach.

When you have learned about both Skippy modes, you must make a choice regarding the mode you desire for the gun. It’s important to note that this choice has a counterintuitive effect. Skippy will transform into the opposite mode of what you select. Therefore, if you desire a lethal weapon, opt for “Puppy-Loving Pacifist,” and if you prefer a non-lethal approach, choose “Stone Cold Killer.”

Once you have made your selection, Skippy will be added to your inventory. Dispatch 50 adversaries using Skippy to trigger a permanent transformation to the opposite mode from your initial choice. The Skippy Smart Pistol boasts homing bullets and inflicts electrical damage, all while scaling in effectiveness with your character’s level. Nevertheless, be prepared for some degree of unpredictability, as the weapon may occasionally discharge rounds at random targets.

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  1. Tirsiak says:

    is it possible to get “Skippy” BEFORE The Heist on arosoka tower? Or somehow use the mission itself to smuggle yourself past the progression barrier?

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