The Division 2 Backpack Trophies Locations

In The Division 2 there are a number of ways of customizing your character, including their backpacks. A new addition in to the series are Backpack Trophies which hang off your backpack and, well, that’s about it really. If you are a collector of vanity items this post is for you. Below I will lay out the Backpack Trophies locations in The Division 2.

Backpack Trophies Locations

Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy

Capitol Hill: Awarded to those that participated in the beta.

Supply Crate: Completed Dark Zone East mission during open beta.

US Flag: Get the highest shield tier in The Division.

Space Shuttle: By the cockpit of the shuttle that crashes through the roof during the Air and Space Museum mission.

Tiny Skeleton: Inside the room where you need to destroy the blood vats in the DCD Headquarters mission. Interact with the skeleton model left of the exit to find it.

Hippo: Upgrade the theater settlement twice to unlock a new roof area. In this area look for a box with the Hippo in it.

Gold Bar: When you reach the vault in the Bank Headquarters mission, turn right as you enter the vault and then turn right again to find it in a safety deposit box by a ladder.

Speaker’s Gavel: Rescue President Ellis during the Bank Headquarters mission. You receive this Backpack Trophy after speaking with him at the White House.

Lincoln Bust: During the Lincoln Memorial story mission enter the Cafe and turn right to find some shelves along the wall. Search between the shelves to get the Lincoln Bust.

Plushie Flower: Upgrade the Campus Settlement three times then loot the box on the platform overlooking the stage.

Contaminated Area: Collect all 15 Contaminated Comms.

As I find more of these Backpack Trophies I will update this list. Check back soon.

Thoughts on your guide to the Backpack Trophies locations? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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  1. Kyle says:

    And a chess piece for controlling all control points at the same time

  2. Kyle says:

    Also film reel in the OSS shelter just slightly southwest of the sleeping giant control point. In a basement room

  3. Vizrad says:

    There is Chem Vials in Roosevelt island before you jump down the whole. In a dresser to the right of the whole.

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