What are Commendations in The Division 2?

What are Commendations in The Division 2

Commendations are a new system in The Division 2. This new system allows players to complete certain challenges to earn special patches as well as XP and caches. So if you are still wondering what are commendations in The Division 2, I’ve got you covered in the post below.

What are Commendations?

What are Commendations in The Division 2

Your commendations can be found by pressing Start > Progression > Commendations. On this screen you will see a layout of all the commendation categories which are:

  • Combat.
  • Tactical.
  • Discovery.
  • Teamwork.
  • Service.

Within each of these categories you will find a 25 challenges which you can complete to progress your Commendation score and Tier Reward level. You need to claim the rewards of Commendations you’ve completed. Improving your Tier Reward level unlocks better rewards for you as you complete Commendations

Equipping Commendation

Equipping Commendation

Another aspect of the Commendation system is the ability to equip Commendations for other players to see. You can do this by highlighting the Commendation you wish to equip and pressing “equip Commendation.” This will equip the associated patch on your Agent. The Agent I am viewing in the screenshot above has equipped a Commendation.

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