The Division 2 Founding Fathers Guide: Artifacts Founding Fathers Locations

Founding Fathers guide: George Washington Portrait Location

There are a number of collectibles for players to find in The Division 2. One of these collectibles are called Founding Fathers. These portraits of the Founding Fathers are located around the world. This guide will show you the Founding Fathers locations in The Division 2. About Founding Fathers in The Division 2:

  • There are 7 Founding Fathers to collect.
  • Collecting a Founding Father earns you E-Credits and XP.
  • You can view collected Founding Fathers under Start > Progression > Collectibles > Artifacts > Founding Fathers.
  • Finding all the Founding Fathers completes a collectibles subset.

Founding Fathers Locations Map (7/7)


There are a total of seven Founding Fathers to be found throughout the map in The Division 2. These collectibles take the form of portraits of the key historical figures in America’s history. The map above shows you the general location of each Founding Father collectible.

  1. George Washington.
  2. Benjamin Franklin.
  3. Thomas Jefferson.
  4. John Jay.
  5. John Adams.
  6. Alexander Hamilton.
  7. James Madison.

Click on the links above to jump down the page to the Founding Father portrait location you are looking for.

1. Founding Fathers: George Washington Portrait Location (Saints People’s Church – White House)

The George Washington portrait is located in the Saints People’s Church in the White House area of the map. This church is along the north border of the area at the corner of H St NW and 16th St Nw.

To get the portrait you will need to make your way inside the church’s living quarters which are accessed via the back alley on the north side. Climb the scaffolding and make your way up into the living quarters. Directly ahead is the George Washington portrait.

2. Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin Portrait Location (USDA Building – West Station)

To find the Benjamin Franklin portrait, make your way to the contaminated zone along the southwest edge of East Mall which is the USDA building (you go here during the Recover DC-62 research side mission).

Inside the building jump through the window into the small room to your left. Leave this room and head down the hallway until you reach an elevator shaft. Go up the shaft and you will reach some offices. Inside the office is the portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

3. Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson Portrait Location (JHM: Jones Hale & Mitchell LLC – Constitution Hall)

The Thomas Jefferson portrait is located in the law offices of Jones Hale & Mitchell. This building is located just Southwest of the Haunted House Control Point in the Constitution Hall area. Enter the law office and make your way into the lobby. Head right towards the washroom and look on wall opposite the Men’s Restroom door to find Jefferson.

4. Founding Fathers: John Jay Portrait Location (Parking Lot – Foggy Bottom)

Make your way to the Truman Safe House in Foggy Bottom. Leave the Safe House and head to the west. Climb the hot dog cart along the wall then go left up the road. Along the road on your right is a brick wall. Follow the brick wall until it ends then make a right into a parking lot. Go through the parking lot and head left. In front of you will be an awning you can climb to get to the roof of the building. Climb the awning then go down the ladder on the other side of the roof. Follow the parking lot to the left until your reach the John Jay portrait.

5. Founding Fathers: John Adams Portrait Location (Business Consulting Building -Downtown West)

You will find the portrait of John Adams inside the lobby of a business consulting building in the Downtown West area. Go inside the main floor of the building and you should see it on a wall in plain sight

6. Founding Fathers: Alexander Hamilton Portrait Location (West Potomac Park)

The Alexander Hamilton portrait can be found in the in the room of a shanty in West Potomac Park. Enter the shanty through the northside to reach a room with a number of Alexander Hamilton items, including the portrait.

7. Founding Fathers: James Madison Portrait Location (West End)

Big thanks to user Hexlicious for this location.

The James Madison portrait can be found in the parkade of an apartment building directly west of the The World’s End Control Point. The parkade entrance can be reached by entering the alley off of 1st NW. Go down the parkade ramp and you will see the James Madison portrait in front of you.

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