How to Access The Division 2 DLC Items

The Division 2 is out now. If you preordered or bought any of the game’s different versions you are owed a number of items. This guide will show you how to access The Division 2 DLC items.

Note: Digital DLC items should download automatically, while physical purchases may come with a code you need to input.

How to Access The Division 2′ Pre Order Bonuses

If you pre ordered The Division 2, you will get some preorder goodies. Everyone across the different additions that pre ordered the game get the Capital Defender Pack which consists of:

  • Exotic SPAS-12 Shotgun.
  • Hazmat 2.0 Outfit.

To access these items you need to complete the tutorial and then head to the White House. In the White House access your Stash (in the first room you enter). In the Stash access the mailbox > Grants. Under the Grants section you should see your items. Add them to your inventory. The Exotic Weapon can be equipped in your Inventory, while the Hazmat 2.0 Outfit can be equipped through the Apparel tab.

How to Access The Division 2’s Ultimate Edition Bonuses

How to Access The Division 2' Pre Order Bonuses
Your Ultimate Edition outfits can be equipped through the Apparel menu.

If you really opened your wallet up to uncle UBI you unlock a number of other goodies for you Agent. Inside the Ultimate Edition you will find the following items:

  • Elite Agent Pack.
  • Battleworn Secret Service Pack.
  • First Responder Pack.

To access the Ultimate Edition bonuses is similar to what you did for the pre order bonuses. If you run into a problem of them not appearing, try exiting the Stash and wait a few seconds. They should appear. The Exotic Weapons can be equipped in your Inventory, while the different outfits can be equipped through the Apparel tab.

How to Access The Beta Rewards

How to Access The Beta Rewards
You can review your beta rewards in the Ubisoft Club tab.

If you played the Beta and completed a few things, there are a few items for you. These items will go directly to your mailbox so there isn’t much you need to do on your part. With that said, if you want to see which of the items you got, open your menu and access the Ubisoft Club. You should see a list of different items including the beta rewards.

Did we do a good job showing you how to access The Division 2 DLC items.


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9 responses

  1. Jason says:

    Same here no gold reward and game has been out awhile

  2. Jay says:

    No preorder or gold rewards in my stash! Why?

  3. Ky si says:

    Make sure the ps is active as the main one.

  4. Mrchila says:

    So am i this seems to be a fucking issue kinda getting pissed

  5. XxNyteshardxX says:

    I preordered the ultimate edition an I didn’t get anything at all.

  6. DarkKnight5471 says:

    Same here. Order gold edition and I have no hazmat or lullaby shot gun

  7. MrDalton537 says:

    I preordered gold edition and have multiple ubisoft rewards that are not appearing

    • Gio says:

      Same here. My Ubi Club rewards are no where to be found and my gold edition items are not in my Grants in Stash. Wtf

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