The Division 2 All Contaminated Comms Locations

In the different contaminated areas of The Division 2 there are 15 comms devices you need to find if you are wanting to collect everything. This guide will show you all contaminated comms locations in The Division 2.

Contaminated Comms Locations Map

There are a total of 15 contaminated comms for you to collect in The Division 2. These comms are located inside 5 contaminated zones which are designated by hazardous icon on your map. Use the above map to get an idea of where each comm can be found.

Comms 1: Signs Location

Comms 1 Signs Location

As soon as you enter the contaminated area it is directly in front of you on a crate.

Comms 2: Fear Location

Comms 2 Fear Location

Go further into the museum until you reach a room with stuffed wolves and a sabre tooth tiger. Look on the wall to your left (when coming down the stairs) to find the comms on a bench.

Comms 3: Firestarter Location

Comms 3 Firestarter Location

Reach The Manning Gift Shop to find the comms on the Tickets desk.

Comms 4: Hiding Location

Comms 4 Hiding Location

As soon as you jump over the window into the office, the comms is on the desk in front of you.

Comms 5: Voluntary Patient Location

Comms 5 Voluntary Patient Location

Right after you climb up the elevator shaft you will enter a hallway. Look for the comms on a bookcase in front of you.

Comms 6: Choices Location

Comms 6 Choices Location

Just down the hall from comms 5 is an office. Inside the office on the desk is the comms.

Comms 7: Last Call Location

Comms 7 Last Call Location

You will find this comms behind a locked door on the first floor of the hospital. You need to grab the key which is nearby then open the door to collect it. Both the key and the comm appear on your map/minimap.

Comms 8: Faith Location

Comms 8 Faith Location

As you go further into the hospital you will reach a point where you need to go into the basement to turn on the power. Do this then head back to the floor you were just on. Don’t get in the elevator instead head to the door that opens down the hallway. Go through the door and turn right, then jump through the window into the next room to grab the comms.

Comms 9: Angels Location

Comms 9 Angels Location

Take the elevator up and walk out onto the patio. On a bar is the comms.

Comms 10: Isolated Location

Comms 10 Isolated Location

As soons as you enter the courtyard you will see the comms lying on an overturned bin.

Comms 11: Water Location

Comms 11 Water Location

After you enter the building via the window, hang a left and go into the large room. In this room on a filing cabinet by a broken bench is the comms.

Comms 12: Shots Fired Location

Comms 12 Shots Fired Location

Right before you leave the area there is a cargo van which you need to climb to get over the gate. In front of this van is the coms.

Comms 13: Fever Location

Comms 13 Fever Location

After you climb the elevator shaft you will find the comms right in front of you next to the echo.

Comms 14: Delirious Location

Comms 14 Delirious Location

Head further into the hospital and you will eventually see the comms appear on your left. Head inside the room to find is on a couch.

Comms 15: Committed Location

Comms 15 Committed Location

As you are about to leave the contaminated zone you will reach the roof. On the roof you will find the comms beside a body.

What you Get for Collecting All Contaminated Comms

What you Get for Collecting All Contaminated Comms

For collecting all 15 Contaminated Comms you unlock the Contaminated Area Vanity Backpack Trophy which is a traffic cone. This item can be equipped on your backpack.

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