How to Mark Downtown West SHD Tech Cache Locations

If you’ve been playing through The Division 2, you’ve noticed that each area you go into has a collection of SHD Tech for you to gather. These SHD Tech caches are marked on your map when you interact with an agent’s computer inside a safe house. One area that doesn’t have a safe house is Downtown West. Below I will show you how to mark Downtown West SHD Tech cache locations.

Interact with Agent’s Computer at Campus Settlement

To start, make your way to The Campus Settlement in the Downtown West area. In the settlement head to the matchmaking station which is located on the eastside of the settlement (go through the Aid Distribution tunnel). In this area you will trigger a “find the agent’s notes” objective. This will highlight a computer in the area you should interact with. Once you’ve interacted with the computer the following will be highlighted on your map:

  • 4x SHD Tech cache locations.
  • 1x SHD Tech Cach Side Mission.

That’s all there is to is. Once the SHD Tech caches are marked you should find it easy to collect all of them to put towards skills and perks. Good luck out there Agent!

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