How to Get the Retro Field Uniform in The Division 2

In The Division 2 there are a ton of cosmetic items you can find to change how your agent looks while running around Washington. One apparel item you can find is called the Retro Field Uniform. This guide will show you how to get the Retro Field Uniform in The Division 2.

Meet NPC Jane Applegate in Foggy Bottom

To start make your way to the Truman Safe House in Foggy Bottom. Leave the Safe House and head to the west. You should see a hot dog cart along a stone wall. Climb the hot dog cart and make your way up the wall. Hang a left and follow the road until you reach the the building pictured above.

Go inside and go down the ladder. You will meet Jane Applegate in the area below. She will give you the Navy Hill Transmission side mission. Note you need to meet her to receive the mission. There is no way around this.

Complete the Navy Hill Transmission Mission

Once you’ve received the mission, go about completing it. To do this make your way inside the observatory and interact with the painting pictured above. Go through the tunnel this painting opens and you will eventually reach an office. Interact with the drawres behind the desk and then leave the area. On your way out you will need to fight a number of enemies until you get a key card. Leave the bunker to get the Retro Field Uniform.

How to Equip the Retro Field Uniform

Once you’ve unlocked the Retro Field Uniform, you are probably gonna want to equip it. To do this simply access the Apparel menu from the start screen and then select Uniform (left of emotes). Select the Retro Field Uniform and you’re all set!

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