How to Activate Weekly Club Challenges in The Division 2

Players in the Ubisoft Club can complete weekly challenges to earn XP. These Weekly Club challenges need to be equipped in order for you to complete them. This post will show you how to activate Weekly Club challenges in The Division 2.

Weekly Club Challenges

How to Activate Weekly Club Challenges in The Division 2
On this screen you can activate the Weekly Club challenges.

Each week on wednesday the Weekly Club challenge list refreshes with new challenges. In total there are six Weekly Club challenges for you to complete. To equip the Weekly Challenges open you start screen and access the Progression tab. From here scroll right using the shoulder buttons until your reach the Ubisoft logo. On this screen you will see a list of all the Ubisoft Club Weekly Challenges currently available. To activate a challenge hover over it and press the “Activate Challenge” button. Once the challenge is activated you will begin to have your accomplishments counted towards it.

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