The Division 2 Ubisoft Club Items

If you play The Division 2 and have a Ubisoft Club membership I have good news for you. Like other titles made by Ubisoft, The Division 2 features a slew of items for you to unlock using your Ubisoft credits. Below we take a closer look at The Division 2 Ubisoft Club items.

Note: Ubisoft Club is a way for you to earn credits by completing challenges in Ubisoft games. These credits can then be spent on in game items. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE DIVISION 2’S MTX SYSTEM.

The Division 2 Club Items

The Division 2 Ubisoft Club Items
Ubisoft Club items can be purchased using credits you earn across all Ubisoft titles.

  • Agent Dunne’s Outfit (50).
  • Agent Johnson’s Outfit (50).
  • Apparel Cache Key Pack (30).
  • Target Intel Pack (30).
  • E-Credits Currency Pack (20).
  • Specialized Materials Pack (20).
  • Standard Materials Pack (20).
  • Specialized MPX SMG (Free).
  • Wallpaper/Mobile Wallpaper/Icons/Social Media Header (Free).
  • First Gamers Arm Patch (Free – If you played a Ubisoft demo at a Gaming Event in 2018).
  • 2018 Phoenix Arm Patch (Free – If you participated in E3 2018 SAM promo).
  • Capitol Hill Arm Patch (Free – Completed the Invaded Mission in the Private or Open Beta).
  • Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy (Free – Participate in the Open Beta).
  • City Runner Pants/Shoes/Shirt (Free).
  • DC Patriot weapon skin (Free – Participated in any live phase).
  • Declaration weapon skin (Free – Registered for email updates).
  • Exotic weapon skin – Division Shields Tier 1 (Free – Earn 1 TCTD1 Shields in The Division ).
  • Exotic Outfit and Patch – Division Shields Tier 2 (Free – Earn 4 TCTD1 Shields in The Division).
  • Exotic Shush Emote and Grey Dye (Free – Earn 8 TCTD1 Shields in The Division).
  • Exotic Fist Pump Emote + Backpack Trophy (Free – Earn 12 TCTD1 Shields in The Division).
  • Ghosts Arm Patch (Free – Own Ghost Recon Wildlands).
  • Odyssey Arm Patch (Free – Own ACO).
  • Pathfinder Arm Patch (Free).
  • SAM Arm Patch (Free – Download and use Ubisoft Mobil App).
  • Siege Arm Patch (Free).
  • Supply Crate Arm Patch (Free – Completed Dark Zone East in Open Beta).

That’s currently all the available The Division 2 Ubisoft Club items. Anything you like in this list? Let me know in the comments below.

Thoughts on our The Division 2 Ubisoft Club items list? Let us know in The Pit below.


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    they should be in your mailbox in your stash

  2. Dave says:

    I can’t find the e-credits and the specialized mpx smg even though I claimed them in Ubisoft club. Can you help me?

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