How to Get SHD Tech in The Division 2

In The Division 2 there is a perk system which upgrades certain aspects of your Agent. These upgrades help in areas like carrying more weapons, grenades, and a whole host of other perks. To purchase perks you need SHD. This guide will show you how to get SHD Tech in The Division 2.

Collect SHD Tech Caches in the World

Collect SHD Tech Caches in the World
Throughout Washington there are hidden caches of SHD tech.

Throughout each area of Washington there are hidden SHD Tech Caches you can find. Collecting one of these caches will earn you a single SHD Tech. To highlight the caches in an area, interact with the computer in the Safe House of the area you want to find caches in. They will then be marked on your map.

Complete SHD Tech Side Missions

Complete SHD Tech Side Missions
This is an example of an SHD Tech Side Mission.

As you play you will notice side missions that pop up on your map. Some of these side missions pay out in SHD. The average SHD side mission rewards anywhere from 5 – 10 SHD for completion. You can recognizes the mission as being SHD rewarding as it will have the SHD symbol beside it (you can also hover over the mission to see what it pays out for completion).

Level Up to Earn SHD Tech

Level Up to Earn SHD Tech
As you level you will automatically earn SHD Tech.

As you level up you will earn SHD Tech. When a new level is reached you will receive one SHD Tech to help you along. While not much, over the course of 30 levels you will end up with a decent amount.

What other ways are you earning SHD tech in The Division 2? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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