Resident Evil 3: All Shop Items

When you complete your first playthrough of Resident Evil 3 you unlock the Shop. After the Shop is unlocked you can spend points to unlock special items like costumes, coins, weapons, and more. To help you see what all is available in the Resident Evil 3 store we’ve put together this all shop items list below.

What Items are For Sale in the Resident Evil 3 End Game Shop

Once unlocked you can access the Shop from the Main Menu under the Bonuses tab. In the shop you can spend points to purchase various items. The items for sale in the Resident Evil 3 shop are as follows:

  • Jill – S.T.A.R.S Gear (Costume): 2000P.
  • Recovery Coin (Item): 4000P.
  • Recovery Coin (Item): 4000P.
  • Iron Defense Coin (Item): 4000P.
  • Iron Defense Coin (Item): 4000P.
  • Assault Coin (Item): 4000P.
  • Assault Coin (Item): 4000P.
  • Crafting Companion (Item): 4000P.
  • S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual (Item): 6400P.
  • Lock Pick (Item): 2800P.
  • Bolt Cutters (Item): 2800P.
  • Hip Pouch (Item): 4800P.
  • Hip Pouch (Item): 4800P.
  • HOT DOGGER (Weapon): 7200P.
  • Samurai Edge (Weapon): 5600P.
  • RAI-DEN (Weapon): 12000P.
  • Infinite MUP Handgun (Weapon): 8000P.
  • Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle (Weapon): 28400P.
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher (Weapon): 62400P.

To earn points you need to complete challenges. Each time you complete a challenge you will add more points to your total. To rack up a number of points you will need to do multiple playthroughs, completing challenges along the way.

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