All Lock Combinations in Resident Evil 3

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In Resident Evil 3 there are a few different types of locks players need to deal with in order to open various locked doors and cases. Each lock you encounter has a specific way of opening it. One type of lock you will encounter is combination locks. These locks require some sort of input (be it numerical or alphabetical). To save you time here’s our list of all lock combinations in Resident Evil 3.

Downtown Safe Location and Combination

Image showing the Downtown Safe location in Resident Evil 3.

The first safe you can open in Resident Evil 3 is the Downtown safe. This safe can be found in the storage room to the east of the Pharmacy. Here’s what you need to know about the Downtown safe:

  • Combination: Left 9, right 1, left 8.
  • Combination location: Pharmacy.
  • Reward: Dot Sight (Handgun).

You do not need to find the combination to open the safe. Simply input the combination listed above to open it.

Police Station Safe Location and Combinations

Image showing the Police Station Safe location in Resident Evil 3.

The Police Station feature three different combination locks players can open. These locks are on the Safe in the West Office and lockers on the second and third floors of the building. To open these three combination locks use the following information:

West Office Safe

  • Combination: Left 9, right 15, left 7.
  • Combination location: Darkroom safe room.
  • Reward: Hip Pouch.

Police Station Lockers

  • 2F Washroom: CAP – 1x Flash Bang.
  • 3F Hallway: DCM – 20x Assault Rifle Ammo.

Again none of the combinations listed above need to be discovered, so you can simply input them whenever you like to get the rewards inside.

Hospital Safe Location and Combination

Image showing the Hospital Safe location in Resident Evil 3.

The final combination lock you will encounter during your playthrough of Resident Evil 3 is located in the Hospital. The Safe can be found in the Nurses’ Station behind the reception desk. Use this information to open the Nurses’ Station safe:

  • Combination: 9 right, 3 left.
  • Combination location: Operating Room.
  • Reward: Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle).

This locked Safe can be opened by either Jill or Carlos during your playthrough so decide accordingly who you want to have this weapon upgrade on.

That’s all you need to know to open all the combination locks in Resident Evil 3. Opening the locks listed above will net you some fairly decent rewards that will help you during your playthrough.

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