Resident Evil 3: Vaccine Puzzle Solution

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Near the end of Resident Evil 3 you will enter a hidden base beneath the Hospital. Inside this base there is machinery to mix a vaccine that will help you fight the virus turning people into zombies. To make the vaccine you must first complete a Vaccine Puzzle using the Vaccine Equipment. To help you complete this puzzle use our Vaccine puzzle solution guide below.

How to Mix the Vaccine in Resident Evil 3

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Before you can use the Vaccine Equipment you need to first collect the two samples hidden throughout the Nest 2 area. Once you’ve gathered these two samples combined them to create a Vaccine Base. With the Vaccine Base in your inventory approach the Vaccine Equipment and interact with it. When you do this you will place the base into the machine and will trigger the puzzle. To complete this puzzle you need to balance all three chambers. To do this make sure the chambers are setup as follows: MID – HIGH – LOW. When you setup the chambers this way you will trigger the vaccine synthesis.

Once the vaccine is synthesized you will be able to take the purple vaccine vial from the machine. With the vaccine in hand you will trigger a cutscene where Kill gets attacked. After this cutscene you will be prompted to escape the facility. You are almost at the end of the game.

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