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The demo for the much anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake is now out and with it comes a few interesting secrets for players to unlock. Like previous demos Capcom has released there is a collectible you can find in the Resident Evil 3 demo called the Mr. Charlie Bobblehead. In total there are 20 Mr. Charlie Bobbleheads for players to find to unlock a special bonus in the Resident Evil 3 remake. To help you unlock the bonus check out our all Mr. Charlie Bobbleheads locations guide below.

Where to Find the Mr. Charlie Bobbleheads?

There are a total of 20 Mr. Charlie Bobbleheads for players to find during the demo. These bobbleheads are located across the entire demo and can be collected by shooting at them. I’ve highlighted written a text guide for each of the locations of the bobbleheads for you below. You can also check out the video above by The PlayStation Gameplay for a visual look at each location mentioned.

  1. Located across the subway tracks next to a white column at the end of the train by the stairs up to West Raccoon Street.
  2. On desk in the subway next to ticket takers. Really can’t miss it. Will see it on your way out of the subway
  3. Inside the back of the ambulance on the right side of the street as soon as you leave the subway.
  4. Behind metal fence where zombies are attempting to get at you. Look for flaming Police Car behind the fence. It is on the hood.
  5. To the left of the staircase leading up to Toy Uncle. It is under some scaffolding.
  6. In the Donut Shop on top of a shelf behind the main counter next to the microwave.
  7. On top of green electrical transformer next to scaffolding on the roof where you knock down the yellow ladder.
  8. On shelf in the Supermarket. Need Bolt Cutters to access.
  9. Down alleyway after Donut Shop. Need Bolt Cutters to access. Can be found on the ground in between two large vents next to a green bottle to the left of the lootable case.
  10. In cabinet in the room with the shotgun. Right when facing the entrance door. Lower cabinet that is open.
  11. Sitting on the metal train tracks above the fire escape before the room with the locked safe.
  12. To your left when on the fire escape outside of the room with the safe. Look for it on the roof of the Donut Shop.
  13. Room with safe on top shelf next to boxes.
  14. On Shelf in the back corner of the Redstone Pharmacy.
  15. Inside cop car in front of the Subway entrance once Nemesis is active. Hard knock down Nemesis by the Police Car to have the door of the Police Car open.
  16. Inside cop car behind the Donut Shop. The door to this cop car opens once you’ve completed 25x perfect dodges.
  17. Above the exit after you use the fire hose. On top of vent above the green door. Be careful as you can trigger the cutscene if you go to far.
  18. Aim at the Mr.Charlie poster inside the Uncle Toy store for 10 seconds. After you’ve done this head over to the stairs heading to the Donut Shop. You should see the bobblehead shadow on the Donut Shop’s roof (in front of the big donut). Shoot it.
  19. Put out the fire at the end of the demo then go to the cop car we unlocked #15 at. Standing in the middle of the car pileup there is a new zombie. Shoot it then go to the pharmacy and the police zombie on the toppled shelf will have slumped off. Shoot the now visible bobblehead.
  20. Get 2x High-Grade Gunpowder from Pharmacy and Supermarket. Combined them together to make Magnum rounds. Go back to the Subway and speak to Mikhail. After Mikhail is done talking go to the roof you got #7 on. On the roof look for an orange man lift. Next to this lift is the bobblehead by a sign that says “Cleaning in Progress.”

That’s all the bobbleheads currently available in the Resident Evil 3 demo. If you are having trouble listen for the distinct sound the bobbleheads make when you are near them. I also recommend doing the combat related ones on Assisted to make your life easier.

Currently it is unknown what the Mr. Charlie Bobbleheads unlock, but chance are it is something special for Resident Evil 3. This is inline with what Capcom has done in the past with their other Resident Evil demos. What are you hoping to receive for grabbing all of these collectibles? Let me know in the comments below.

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