Resident Evil 3: Police Station Locker Codes

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In Resident Evil 3 you will encounter a number of locked doors, lockers, safes, and other points of interest you will want to open. These locked things typically contain items that will help you through you play-through, so opening them is very beneficial. In one area of the game, the Police Station, you will encounter a number of locked lockers. These lockers can be opened with certain combinations. To help you open the lockers use our Police Station locker codes guide below.

What is 2nd Floor Police Station Locker Code

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On the second floor of the Police Station you will encounter a locker that is locked in the Shower Room. This is before you’ve broken down the bathroom wall. To open this locker in the Shower Room use the letter combination of CAP. Inside this locker there is 1x Flash Grenade.

What is the 3rd Floor Police Station Locker Code

Image showing the 3rd Floor Police Station Locker Code.

The code for the third floor Locker can be found on the first floor in the Safe Deposit Room. Inside this room there is a white board with a photo on it. On this photo is the letter combination DCM. Take this combination and head up to the third floor locker. Input DCM into the lock to open the locker and get at the Assault Rifle ammo inside.

That’s all you need to know to open the lockers in the Police Station. Opening these lockers is a good way of getting at some much needed supplies (especially if you are playing on higher difficulties). If you played the previous version of Resident Evil 3 you may notice many of the codes are the same, this goes for the codes listed above as well.

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