Resident Evil 3: How to Open the Pharmacy Safe?

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Resident Evil 3 is out now and that means it’s time to explore Raccoon City. As you wander the streets you will gain access to different buildings with their own secrets inside them. One building you can access is the pharmacy storage room with a safe inside it. Obviously the safe is locked, so let’s open. Below you will learn how to open the pharmacy safe.

Where to Find the Pharmacy Safe?

Image showing where to find the Safe in the Resident Evil 3 demo.

The pharmacy safe in the Resident Evil 3 can be found in the storage room on the second floor of the building to the southeast of the pharmacy. This building is accessible via the catwalk to the east (note trying to access it from the west side is futile since the door is shut). Once inside this building you will see the safe inside a closet in the corner of the room. Beside the safe is a note. This note serves as a clue.

How to Open the Safe?

Image showing the safe open.

The safe we encounter inside the Downtown area is a standard numerical code safe. To open the safe we need to follow the clue we can find in the File beside it. The clue we receive next to the safe says the following:

The new safe is just perfect. Nobody knows the code, not even my wife. It’s a secret between me and my beautiful Aqua Cure queen… And she’d never give it up for a thief.”

So the most important part of this note is the words Aqua Cure. Remember these words. Head over to the safe and interact with it to input the following code. 9-Left, 3-Right, 7-Left. This opens the safe which allows us to get the Dot Sight (Handgun).

To find the code above for yourself you can simply head into the Pharmacy and inspect the Aqua Cure poster there. The numbers 9, 3, 7 are circled in red. Each circle has a direction above it giving us the safe code above.

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