Remnant From the Ashes Ward 13 Keycard

As you travel through Remnant: From the Ashes you will come across a number of key items. These key items impact the world and allow for more exploration. One key item you will find is the Ward 13 Keycard. This guide below will show you what door this keycard opens.

Where to find the Ward 13 Keycard?

Image showing the location of the Ward 13 Keycard.

Before I tell you what to do with the Ward 13 Keycard I am going to show you where to find it. Luckily for us it is almost unmissable. The Ward 13 Keycard can be found on the desk inside the Founder’s Hideout. It glows a red color like other key items in the game.

B2 – Ward 13

Image showing the B2 door in Ward 13.

The first door the Ward 13 Keycard can open is located at B2 in Ward 13. This is the floor directly below the reactor room. On this floor there is a locked security door. This door can be opened using your keycard to access a hospital area. In this area there are a number of items and lore points to gather. I will not highlight everything, but two important things you want to make sure you grab are the Fuse and the Elder Knowledge tape (interact with recorder on desk in office).

The locked door at the end of B2 – Ward 13 can be accessed using the Ward 13 Master Key. This key is acquired in the Research Area. After you’ve opened the Research Area turn the power off and go through the large fan into the hole. Inside the hole is the Master Key. In this room you will find the Submachine Gun.

B3 – Research Area

Image showing the research area door.

Once you have the Fuse you can make your way to B3. Put the Fuse into the power box and turn the power on. Once the power is on use your keycard to open the door. You will gain access to another area with lore implications and items. Gather what you can here. Once you’ve gathered everything you will notice a mirror looking contraption in one of the rooms. This Mirror is connected to a computer. To use the Mirror you need to get The Founder’s Key which is part of the story.

Did we help show you which doors the Ward 13 Keycard opens? Let us know in The Pit below. Have anything else to add? Drop me a line.


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  1. ballen says:

    that area does not exist in the game, guess i have to use console code to spawn in the ward 13 keycard
    maybe you playing an old version of the game? but that area does not exist in founders base, u get the key to use inside ward 13, but nowhere inside the founders base does that screenshot match ingame

    this is a troll site anyway i noticed, say everything u post is spam, so this entire site is BS

    • shark says:

      dude the basements are the main central area of the game , the one that has all the shopkeers and the commander. The key card is found in the very first area we can teleport to using the crystal.

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