Remnant From the Ashes Guardian’s Heart

As you progress through the story in Remnant: From the Ashes you will collect a number of key items. These items allow you to unlock new areas, gear, and more. One item you will be tasked with collecting during the main storyline is the Guardian’s Heart. Below I will tell everything you need to know about this item.

How to Get the Guardian’s Heart?

The Guardian’s Heart is being held by a beast on Corsus. This beast is actually a boss called IXILLIS. IXILLIS resides inthe final area of the world called The Grotto. Upon defeat of IXILLIS you will receive the Guardian’s Heart. Once you have the item in your inventory you will have a decision to make.

Who to Give the Guardian’s Heart To?

The Undying King is the NPC that tasks you with collecting the Guardian’s Heart for him. With that said he isn’t the only person who wants the Guardian’s Heart. On Corsus if you speak to the Elf Queen she will mention wanting the heart from you also. So what do you get for giving the Guardian’s Heart to these different NPCs? Let’s take a look.

Elf Queen on Corus

Image showing the Elf Queen reward for delivering the Guardian's Heart.

Return to the Elf Queen and deliver her the Guardian’s Heart to receive a full Slayer armor set, Crossbow weapon, and Scrap. Once you’ve given away the Guardian’s Heart, you can return to the Undying King and tell him you don’t have the item to trigger a boss fight against the Undying King.

Undying King on Rohm

Image showing the Undying King Reward for the Guardian's Heart.

If you return to the Undying King and deliver him the Guardian’s Heart he will thank you and give you the Labyrinth Key. This unlocks an achievement. You will also receive a weapon and Scraps for your efforts.

Since Remnant: From the Ashes is designed to be played numerous times you will be able to acquire both rewards over multiple playthroughs. With that said a first timer should give the Guardian’s Heart to the Undying King since it is a much easier way to the next world (rather than fighting Undying King).

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