Remnant From the Ashes All Travel Destinations (From the Ashes)

Image showing interacting with crystal in Ward 13

In Remnant: From the Ashes players spend a good chunk of time moving from area to area. This movement can often be confusing as it can be hard to remember where you’ve been. To help you keep track of things, here’s all travel destinations in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Core Locations

Image showing the core checkpoint locations.

There are a total of two core locations you can fast travel to: Ward 13 and the Labyrinth.

Earth Locations

Image showing the Earth checkpoint locations.

Earth is the first major area you will get to explore. Like all the other places after Earth there are a total of five major checkpoint locations you can fast travel to:

  • Founder’s Hideout (Constant).
  • Westcourt (Constant).
  • The Church (Constant).
  • Mud Tooth’s Hideout (Variable).
  • Wailing Wood (Variable).
  • The Settlement (Variable).

Once you’ve made your way through Earth you will reach the Labyrinth which sends you to a new planet called Rhom. Rhom is a desert type planet.

Rhom Locations

Image showing the Rhom checkpoint locations names.

The desert planet Rhom features a total of five destinations for you to fast travel to. These five destinations are as follows:

  • The Eastern Wind (Constant).
  • The Monolith (Constant).
  • Undying Throne Constant).
  • The Scouring Wastes (Constant).
  • Wasteland Merchant (Constant).

Once you’ve reached the Undying King he will send you on your way to collect the Guardian’s Heart from the beast on the swamp planet Corsus.

Corsus Locations

Image showing the Corsus locations.

The swamp planet of Corsus follows in the footsteps of the previous planets as it also has a total of five named locations you can fast travel to. These named locations are:

  • The Fetid Glade.
  • The Shack
  • The Mist Fen.
  • The Elf Queen.
  • The Grotto.

After you’ve collected the Guardian’s Heart you will travel to the final planet of Yaesha. This jungle planet houses the founder. You need to speak to the founder to end the Root.

Yaesha Locations

Image of the Yaesha fast travel locations.

The final planet in Remnant is filled with lush jungle. Within this lush jungle there is a total of five named locations you can fast travel to. These locations are:

  • The Verdant Strand.
  • Ruins.
  • Scalding Glade.
  • Pan Flautist.
  • Founder’s Prison.

That concludes our brief look at all travel destinations in Remnant: From the Ashes. Drop any comments you have into The Pit below.



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2 responses

  1. Wiplashed says:

    I cant seem to find the Wasteland Merchant.

    • 3unr says:

      He took me a while too. There was a door that I could see him through but was locked on my side. I had to go through a dungeon and fight a boss to then approach the wasteland merchant from the other direction.

      I was told that if the orange arrows on your map (that lead to other areas) are blinking, then that is an area you have not explored yet. There is a way to him, just gotta find it. GL

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