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Remnant: From the Ashes features a number of side quests for players to complete to unlock items. These side quests typically involve finding a key item on a world, then using the key item to complete a mission. One key item you will find on Earth is the Tarnished Ring. Read more below to find out what to do with the Tarnished Ring.

Where to Find the Tarnished Ring

Image showing the Tarnished Ring in Remnant: From the Ashes.

The Tarnished Ring is a key item you will find on the planet Earth. Like other key items in the game, the location will be random for each player. So as you travel through Earth keep your eyes peeled for the glowing reddish-orange color that denotes a key item. If you do not find the Tarnished Ring you may need to reroll your world. Once you have the Tarnished Ring in hand, head to the next portion of this guide.

Return Tarnished Ring to Reggie

Image showing returning the Tarnished Ring to Reggie.

Once you have the Tarnished Ring in your possession, return to Ward 13. At Ward 13 head to the merchant area and speak with Reggie. You will have a new dialogue option that is about the ring. Select it to return the ring back to Reggie. For your troubles you receive the Scavenger trait and the Precious achievement.

This concludes our Tarnished Ring guide. As you can see returning the ring gives you a nice little reward. Sound off in The Pit below regarding your luck finding the ring.



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