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Remnant: From the Ashes features a number of NPCs for players to interact with. These NPCs provide valuable services, but there is more to many of them. One NPC, Ace, sells players various upgrade materials. While this may appear as Ace’s only function, she does have a short side quest that revolves around a Strange Coin item. Below I tell you how to complete this Strange Coin quest.

Where to Find the Strange Coin?

Image showing the Strange Coin in the Quest Items inventory.

I would love to tell you the exact location of the Strange Coin, but I can’t. Given the procedural generation of each world, the location of the Strange Coin in your game will be different from where I found mine. With that said I will attempt to help you narrow down you search.

I’ve found the Strange Coin twice so far on Earth and the locations both times were the Subway and the Sewers. While I can’t promise your item will be in these locations, I would say check these areas out. Also keep in mind as you go through dungeons to be on the lookout for red light on an item which signifies a Key Item. Once you’ve found the Strange Coin, it’s on to the next step.

What to Do with the Strange Coin?

Image showing what to do with the Strange Coin.

After you’ve found the Strange Coin make your way back to Ward 13. Head over to Ace and speak with her. You will now have an option with the question, “is this your lucky coin?” Ask this question to learn a bit about Les… Give Ace the ring and she will reward you. For completing the quest you will receive the Magnum Revolver, Scrap, and some Experience for completing this side mission. You will also unlock an achievement for your efforts.

Have any thoughts on our Strange Coin quest guide? Found the Strange Coin in a strange spot? Let me know in about it in The Pit below.



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  1. JimmyP says:

    After giving the coin to Ace once, can you find the strange coin and give it to her a second time?
    I’m asking because I didnt get the achievement for giving the first time as I wasn’t the host of the world (I was playing i n coop) (I feel like it messed up my world)

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