Remnant From the Ashes Character Classes

Image showing one of three character classes in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Remnant: From the Ashes is a new, RPG action-adventure title out of Gunfire Games. In this title players have the chance to play as different classes. Each class or archetype has different specialities which can be used to control the battlefield. Check out the different character classes below.

Important: Keep in mind that the classes in Remnant: From the Ashes become fairly trait homogenous as the game goes along. Also if you are worried about class armor sets, don’t be. You can purchase the other class armor sets from Rigs in Ward 13. Choose what you like, but don’t worry too much!

Character Classes in Remnant From the Ashes

When you start Remnant: From the Ashes you will playthrough a brief tutorial that lead you to the hub area called Ward 13. In this area you will be given a mission to turn on the Reactor in the basement. When you head to the basement you will meet someone who will prompt you to select your archetype. There are three specializations: Hunter, Ex-Cultist, and Scrapper. More information can be found on each archetype below.

Hunter Archetype

Image of the Hunter archetype in Remnant from the Ashes.

Archetype Description: The Hunter specializes in long range combat. Armed with an ultra-precise HUNTING RIFLE, sturdy REPEATER PISTOL, and versatile SCRAP SWORD, the Hunter excels at taking out targets before they get close. Their mod- HUNTER’S MARK – marks enemies allowing the Hunter and their teammates to see targets through walls. It also increases Critical Hit Chance against marked targets.

Ex-Cultist Archetype

Image of the Ex-Cultist archetype in Remnant.

Archetype Description: The Ex-Cultist specializes in mid-range combat and support. Armed with the powerful COACHGUN, sturdy REPEATER PISTOL, and deadly SCRAP HATCHET, the Ex-Cultist controls the mid-range with excellent burst damage. Their mod- MENDERS AURA – casts an area effect heal that gradually restores health for all teammates.

Scrapper Archetype

Image showing the Scrapper archetype in Remnant from the Ashes.

Archetype Description: The Scrapper specializes in close-range combat and melee damage. Armed with the devastating SHOTGUN, sturdy REPEATER PISTOL and massive SCRAP HAMMER, the Scrapper is at their best when close to their enemy. Their mod- HOT SHOT – imbues their ammunition with fire giving it a chance to set enemies on fire.

This concludes our brief look at the three different specializations in Remnant: From the Ashes. Which class did you choose to start with? Let me know in the comments below.



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