Paradise Killer: How to Enter Marshal Barracks

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During you investigation in Paradise Killer you will need to enter the Marshal Barracks to find evidence of the killings. This evidence from multiple sources, but is vital to breaking the case open. If you’ve tried entering the Marshal Barracks while Marshals are there you will get kicked immediately. To help you avoid getting kicked out use our how to enter the Marshal Barracks guide below.

Important: Do not attempt this until you have all Starlight upgrades. There is no point. I also recommend having Double-Jump unlocked.

Cause a Gas Leak on the Roof of the Dead Zone Building

Image showing how to cuase a gas leak on the Dead Zone building in Paradise Killer.

The Dead Zone is the location where the demonic possession occurred. This apartment building has been quarantined inside a large building that is accessible via air locks and a tunnel from Sam’s bar. With that said we don’t need to go into the Dead Zone we need to go on top of it. On the roof of the sarcophagus building placed over the Dead Zone (accessible via the cliff’s on the Beach) there is a Nightmare Computer. This computer can be accessed if you have all the Starlight upgrades. Once you solved the computer puzzle you will vent gas out of the Dead Zone, causing the Marshals to clear the Barracks.

Enter Marshall Barracks through Hatch in Roof

Image showing the roof hatch to enter the Marshal Barracks in Paradise Killer.

Once you’ve created the distraction at the Dead Zone you will want to enter the Marshal Barracks. Since the front door is still guarded by a Marshal you will need find an alternative route. Like the Dead Zone our route is located on the Barracks rooftop. This section of roof overlooks the Valley of Statues area and is accessible using the ladders that lead up next to the front guard hut. Once you reach the roof head to the right until you see black shutters. Walk these shutters to reach the roof hatch. Complete the Nightmare Computer to open it.

Upon climbing down the hatch you will enter the Marshal Barracks. With the gas distraction running you can thouroughly explore this area to your hearts content. There are a number of collectibles you can find here so I recommend having the Meditation ability unlocked (via Foot Bath in Mountain Gorge).

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  1. Jake says:

    Check the Nightmare terminal near to the HQ footbath.

  2. Lewis says:

    Mild spoilers Does anyone know where the marshal’s bodies are? I cant find them anywhere.

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