Paradise Killer: Deep Factory Crane Puzzle Solution

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As you explore Island Sequence 24 in Paradise Killer you will come across an area called Deep Factory. This area houses a number of warehouses as well as loading dock with a crane. If you approach the crane you will see skulls that control it. This is a puzzle you can complete to find evidence for the case. To solve the the puzzle use our Deep Factory Crane puzzle solution guide below.

Get the Crane System Unlock Card

Image showing the Crane System card location in Paradise Killer.

Before you can do anything with this puzzle you need to first move the nearby boat to its unloading spot next to the crane. To do this you need to find the Crane System Unlock Card. This Key Item can be found inside the warehouse on the right when you are facing away from the crane.

Once you have the Crane System Unlock Card you can interact with the card reader to the left of the crane controls. This causes the boat to move forward into the loading/unloading area next to the crane. With the boat in this position you can solve the puzzle and get the evidence.

Use Crane to Unload Boat

With the boat in-place you can use the crane to unload it. To do this use the skulls to move the crane into position. The skulls you want active are shown above. If activated correctly you will unload the yellow crates off the boat. Once the boat is unloaded you can jump into it to get at the Customized Space Helmet. This Key Item smells like Lydia’s perfume which offers evidence she may have gone to the second seal which is located in space.

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  1. Ignoring the rightmost ramp, head up the shorter ramp to the left of it to grab a Blood Crystal. Past that, in the gap between here and the Reality Folding Drive entrance, circle around the fence to find a Relic.

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