How to Get All Starlight Upgrades in Paradise Killer

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In Paradise Killer Lady Love Dies has a trusty sidekick computer called Starlight. Starlight connects to the Syndicate database allowing players to check a number of pieces of evidence to aid in the investigation. To make Starlight more useful you will need to upgrade it. Find out how to get all Starlight upgrades below.

Important: Each upgrade you buy needs to be installed through Inventory > Upgrades. Once installed you will have access to those symbols during Nightmare Computer puzzles.

How to Get the Visions of the Cosmos Upgrade

To unlock the Visions of the Cosmos Starlight upgrade you need to purchase it from the character named Crimson Acid for 10 Blood Crystals. Crimson Acid can be found in the sewers of Danchi which are accessible via a walkway along the beach. To purchase the upgrade speak to Crimson ask her about Starlight Upgrades > Starlight Upgrades. This will allow you to buy the Cosmos upgrade which can be used on more Nightmare Computer puzzles.

How to Get the Visions of Worship Upgrade

Image showing the vending machine that holds the Worship upgrade for Starlight in Paradise Killer.

Note: Need 10 Blood Crystals to complete.

To unlock the upgrade for Starlight you need to purchase a total of ten drinks from the different vending machines across the island. Once you purchase the tenth drink you will receive a message from Dead Nebula thanking you for your continued patronage. Reboot the malfunctioning vending machine at the Deep Factory Entrance warehouse. Interact with this vending machine to get the Visions of Worship upgrade. This upgrade allows you to solve more Nightmare Computer Puzzles.

How to Get the Visions of Pyramids Upgrade

Image showing the Employee Card location in Paradise Killer.
Image showing where to find Ezra's locker in Paradise Killer.

The final upgrade is located in Ezra’s locker on the bridge to the Reality Folding Drive. This ghost needs you to find his Employee Card he lost near the convenience store in the Citizen Housing area. Once you find the card return it to Ezra to receive the locker code. Head across the bridge to the entrance of the Reality Folding Drive and go into the area with all the small building on the left. Head inside the only shack on the right and open the locker inside to get the Visions of Pyramids upgrade.

Once you have all the upgrades listed above you will be able to complete all of the Nightmare Computer puzzles found in the game. Be sure you install each upgrade or else you will not have access to their different symbols.

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