All Foot Bath Ability Unlocks in Paradise Killer

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In Paradise Killer you will spend a good chunk of your time exploring the main island. On this island you will rely on platforming to find a number of the different collectibles. While searching for these collectibles you will encounter a couple of foot baths. Spending 5 Blood Crystals at these stations unlocks upgrades for Lady Love Dies. Learn all Foot Bath ability unlocks in Paradise Killer below.

How to Unlock Double Jump

Image showing the Foot Bath you need to use to unlock the Double Jump ability in Paradise Killer.

The first Foot Bath you will most likely stumble upon in your exploration is located near the Syndicate HQ building just off the path heading towards the Council Building. Once you find this location approach the bath and interact with the payment computer to unlock Double Jump for 5 Blood Crystals. When the Double Jump ability is unlocked Lady Love Dies is able to jump twice, allowing her to reach higher locations.

How to Unlock Meditation (Highlight Collectibles)

The only other Foot Bath you will find in Paradise Killer is located along the path heading towards the Mountain Gorge from the Convenience Store in the Citizen Housing area. Like the other Foot Bath you will want to approach the payment computer to unlock the Meditation ability for 5 Blood Crystals. Once this ability is unlocked you can press and hold the Meditation button to highlight collectibles on island. This effect last for a few seconds.

That’s all you need to know about all the Foot Bath unlocks in Paradise Killer. These unlocks make things much easier to complete in the game and should be your first priority. Both double jump and Meditation are must haves to complete the murder mystery. I found Meditation to be particularly useful in helping to find all the different collectibles scattered around the island.

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  1. Neil says:

    Syndicate apartments

  2. Zetetic says:

    You’ve missed out the air dash (which is granted by a foot bath in the Civilian Housing area, IIRC).

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