How to Speak to A God in Paradise Killer

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As you unravel more of the murder mystery in Paradise Killer you will reach a point where you can meet a god. This god is the only god that has come down to the sequence so far. Meeting the god is a bit hidden away, so you may have some trouble reaching them. All you really are told is that the god lives in the pyramid. To learn how to speak to a god in Paradise Killer use our guide below.

Use the Sea-Doo Near Doom Jazz’s Yacht

Image showing the sea-doo you can ride to reach the pyramid that houses Crying Grudge.

To reach the pyramid and the god inside you will need to travel across the water. If you attempt to swim this length you will die immediately and will be respawned at the nearest fast travel/save location. Instead of swimming you will need to make the journey using a seafaring vehicle. The only vehicle available to you is the sea-doo at the end of the dock near Doom Jazz’s Yacht. This sea-doo can be interacted with to reach the pyramid that houses the Crying Grudge god.

Once at the pyramid you can’t simply head inside. You will need to solve a Nightmare Computer sealing the entrance. This Nightmare Computer requires you to have all of the available Starlight upgrades to complete. Once you’ve solved this puzzle the door will open and you will be able to head inside where you will meet Crying Grudge. Like other characters on the island this NPC holds useful informaiton which will help you in your investigation. Exhaust all options when speaking to them.

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