Luigi’s Mansion 3: 4F The Great Stage Guide

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Once you’ve completed 2F, you will gain access to the fourth floor of the hotel. This floor is called The Great Stage. To help you make your way through this area use our 4F The Great Stage Guide below.

Note: Collectibles in this level can be found here.

Go to Auditorium

Image showing the auditorium entrance in 4F.

From the elevator make your way to the left and head down the hallway. The carpet you are on will send out waves that damage you. Jump over the waves until you get to the end and take out the ghost there. Wake up to the double doors and go inside them to reach the Auditorium.


Inside the Auditorium approach the piano on the stage. As you get closer to the piano you will trigger a cutscene that shows a painting with Toad trapped inside it. Once you reach the stage a ghost will appear at the piano. This triggers a boss fight.

How to Beat Amadeus Wolfgeist

Image showing the Amadeus Wolfgeist boss fight.

This boss fight is a bit different than other boss fights we’ve faced up to this point as it features a set of waves you need to complete. These waves are split up as follows:

  1. Seats fly into the air and hurtle towards you. Once all seats are gone the next phase starts.
  2. Dancer ghosts appear. They are wearing masks that block your flashlight. Vacuum the masks off them then treat them as normal ghosts. Once all ghosts are gone the final phase starts.
  3. The boss jumps inside his piano. This piano flies into the air and comes crashing down withing the spotlight. On the third time a shockwave flies out and the boss appears. Flashlight the boss and the piano will go to the stage. From the stage the piano shoots out bombs. Suck up a bomb and shoot it back into the open piano. This causes the piano to stand on edge. Plunger the piano to the ground to have the boss appear outside the piano. Repeat until boss is defeated.

When you defeat the boss you receive the elevator Button 6. Once you have the Elevator Button use your Dark Light on the painting of Toad. This causes Toad to be freed. Take Toad back to the elevator and back to the Lab.

After you take Toad to the elevator there will be a short cut scene. Answer the call for E.Gadd and then enter the elevator and head to F6.

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