Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 4F Gem Locations – Collected All The Great Stage Gems

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The 4F of the Final Resort is called The Great Stage. This locations is accessible after you complete 2F. Like other floors in the hotel, The Great Stage has a total of six gems for players to collect. To find the gems use our All 4F gem locations guide below.

Purple Gem Location: Tuba in Elevator Hall

Image showing the Purple Gem Location Tuba in Elevator Hall.

When you exit the elevator you will see a Tuba sitting next to the wall. Use your vacuum to blow air into the Tuba pushing the gem up. Switch to Gooigi and suck the Purple Gem out from the top of the Tuba.

Yellow Gem Location: Popcorn Cart in Elevator Hall

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Popcorn Cart in Elevator Hall.

Head left down the elevator hall and continue going left until your reach a Popcorn Cart. Flash your flashlight at the Popcorn Cart three times to get it to explode. Out of the explosion comes the Yellow Gem.

White Gem Location: Women’s Restroom Ghost

Image showing the White Gem Location Women's Restroom Ghost.

Make your way towards the double doors leading to The Great Stage and turn left into the Women’s Restroom. Inside the Restroom use your Dark Light to make the right faucet appear. Turn on the faucet to trigger a ghost battle. Defeat the ghost to get the White Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Concession Stand

Image showing the Blue Gem Location: Concession Stand.

To reach the Concession Stand make your way inside the Men’s Restroom. Inside the restroom you will see a large Boo face on the right wall. Stand Luigi there then summon Gooigi. Walk Gooigi through the closed gate and pull the flusher in the stall. Switch back to Luigi and interact with the Boo face to get taken to the Concession Stand. Play all the bottles in a row with your vacuum to open the safe there with the Blue Gem inside.

Red Gem Location: Auditorium Side Room

Image showing the Red Gem Location: Auditorium Side Room.

After you fight the boss in the Auditorium go on stage and head to the left to access a door behind the current. Go into the next room and take out the ghost there. Use your Dark Light on the piano to repair it. Interact with the piano to get the Red Gem.

Green Gem Location: Auditorium Stage

On the Auditorium Stage there is a trapdoor you can open by jumping on it. Once you jump on it it will spring open. Out of the trapdoor comes a Super Suction console (need to complete F12 to use). With Super Suction activated suck the background to reveal a ghost choir. After the ghost choir’s performance jump into the tv left behind. This takes you up to the balcony. Suck the bag of popcorn on the balcony to get the Green Gem.

Finding all of the Gems in this location will net you the Collected All The Great Stage Gems achievement. If you are wanting to 100% the game you need to collect these gems.

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