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Luigi’s Mansion 3: 15F Master Suite Guide

The top floor of the Last Resort hotel is home to the Master Suites. This floor houses the owner of the hotel. It also leads to a final showdown with King Boo on the top of the hotel. To make...

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Luigi’s Mansion 3: 13F Fitness Center Guide

The 13F of the Last Resort is home to the hotel’s Fitness Center. To reach this floor you need to get the elevator button from Captain Fishook on floor twelve. Once you have the button you can make your way...

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Luigi’s Mansion 3: 12F Spectral Catch Guide

Once you’ve attained Super Suction you can access Floor 12 of the Last Resort hotel. This floor contains a number of puzzles and activities to complete. To help you make your way through the floor use our 12F Spectral Catch...