Luigi’s Mansion 3: Snuck Into the Hidden Vault in the Dance Hall

On the fourteenth floor of the Last Resort hotel you will enter The Dance Hall. As the name suggests the theme of this floor is music and dancing. Like other floors in Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Dance Hall has a floor specific achievement for players to complete. Use the Snuck Into the Hidden Vault in the Dance Hall guide below to unlock this achievement.

How to Sneak into the Hidden Vault

Image showing How to Sneak into the Hidden Vault.

To access the vault you need to reach the Elevator Hall. This is the first room you enter when you exit the elevator. Inside this room you will find a glowing floor. Not all the squares on the floor are glowing. We need to change that. Stepping on a not glowing square lights it up. To light up all the squares follow the path of non-lit squares (as pictured above). Once you light everything up a couple of the squares will become unlit. Use Gooigi and Luigi to grab the last couple of squares that need to be relight.

Image showing the Hidden Vault in the Elevator Hall.

Once you’ve lit up all the squares a staircase will appear. Go down it to reach the Vault. Send Gooigi through the bars to get at the money, Yellow Gem, and achievement.

The Snuck Into the Hidden Vault in the Dance Hall achievement is one of many achievements for players to unlock in Luigi’s Mansion 3. See the full list of achievements here.

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