Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 13F Gem Locations – Collected All Fitness Center Gems

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On the thirteenth floor of the Last Resort hotel you will find the Fitness Center. This floor is home to another elevator button as well as six gems to collect. To help you collect all Fitness Center gems consult the all 13F Gem locations guide below.

Yellow Gem Location: Case in Elevator Hall

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Case in Elevator Hall.

In the Elevator Hall stand with Gooigi on the middle circle in the room. Doing this causes the case to the right to open. Use Gooigi or Luigi’s vacuum to suck the Yellow Gem to you.

White Gem Location: Ghost in Gym Lobby

Image showing the White Gem Location Ghost in Gym Lobby.

Inside the Gym Lobby approach the right side of the desk and shine your Dark Light to reveal a bell. Walk to the left, away from the bell and it will ring. Go back to the bell and ring it a few times and a ghost will appear. Defeat the ghost to get the White Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Sign in Locker Room

Image showing the Blue Gem Location: Sign in Locker Room.

Make your way to the washroom inside the Locker Room. On the far wall there is a sign pointing to the pool. Shoot something (ball or boxing glove) at the sign to reveal the Blue Gem.

Red Gem Location: Hidden Cabinet in Weight Room

Image showing the Red Gem Location: Hidden Cabinet in Weight Room.

In the back right corner of the Weight Room there is a scale. Wake Luigi onto the scale then switch to Gooigi. You will see cabinet open in the mirror. Take Gooigi down to the cabinet and vacuum up the Red Gem.

Purple Gem Location: Ghost in Training Room

Image showing the Purple Gem Location Ghost in Training Room.

On the far wall of the Training Room there is a stereo. Use your flashlight on the stereo to turn it on. Cycle the stereo to channel 3 using your flashlight. Once you’ve done this go over to the treadmills and take out the white ghost that appears to get the Purple Gem.

Green Gem Location: Drain in Shower Room

Image showing the Green Gem Location: Drain in Shower Room.

Once you’ve cleared out the Shower Room send Gooigi down into the drain. Have Gooigi turn the valve so it closes. Drop to the right and walk through the grate to reach the Green Gem.

Grab all the gems listed above to unlock the Collected All Fitness Center Gems achievement. This is one of many collectible achievements players can unlock in the game. View the complete list here.

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