Luigi’s Mansion 3: 12F Spectral Catch Guide

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Once you’ve attained Super Suction you can access Floor 12 of the Last Resort hotel. This floor contains a number of puzzles and activities to complete. To help you make your way through the floor use our 12F Spectral Catch Guide below.


  • Gem Locations for the Spectral Catch can be found here.
  • How to get the floor’s moon achievement can be found here.

Suck That Ship

Image showing where to suck the ship on 12F.

Make your way to 12F and head to the left until you reach the large ship blocking the door. Plug into the outlet on the left wall and get to sucking. Once the ship is clear, head inside the door to reach the Grotto Lounge.

Explore The Spectral Catch

Image showing the skull in the Spectral Catch.

Inside the Grotto Lounge make your way across the room to the skull. Walk up to the skull and it will open. Go inside the skull and enter the door here. This takes you to the Beach.

Image showing the Dock on the Beach.

On the Beach walk up to the dock. On the left side of the dock there is a bell. Ring the bell and a ship will pull into the dock. After a brief cutscene walk onto the ship to trigger a boss fight.

How to Beat Captain Fishook

Image showing the Captain Fishook boss.

On the ship you will trigger a boss fight with the ghost called Captain Fishook. Captain Fishook is holding Yellow Toad in a painting. To defeat this boss you need to complete a few rounds. The rounds of the fight are:

  1. Mouth in Deck: shoot explosive barrels into the mouth that moves around the deck. Mouth needs to be open when the barrel is shot.
  2. Shark: after you complete the mouth in deck round you need to fight the shark ghost. To do damage to the shark ghost wait for it to attack and get its hook stuck in the deck. Flashlight then treat it like a normal ghost.
  3. Mouth on Side Deck: use Plunger on the target on the right side of the deck to have ghosts appear. Shoot barrels into mouth when open. 2x.
  4. Shark Again: same approach as previous Shark round. Should beat him on this round.

Once you’ve defeated Captain Fishook you will receive the Elevator Button 13 and Polterpup will appear and drop a ladder down to you. Climb the ladder up to the upper deck and go up to the portrait to free Yellow Toad. Take Yellow Toad back to the elevator and head to 13F.

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