Luigi’s Mansion 3: Shot Down the Moon from the Spectral Catch

On the twelfth floor of the Last Resort hotel there is a hidden achievement for players to unlock. This achievement involves shooting down the moon. To help you get this achievement consult our Shot down the moon from the Spectral Catch guide below.

Note: this achievement is doable after beating this floor.

How to Shoot Down the Moon?

Make your way through the Spectral Catch until you reach the Beach area. On the Beach there is a dock. Go onto the Dock and ring the bell on the left side of it. When you ring the bell a ship appears. Board the ship.

Image showing how to shoot down the moon.

On the ship go to the left and head up the ladder (ladder appears after beating the ghost shark). Once you are on the upper deck go over to the box of cannonballs and destroy it with your Plunger. Suck up a cannonball and take it over to the cannon. Interact with the cannon to shoot the cannonball at the moon. This triggers the achievement.

The Shot Down the Moon from the Spectral Catch achievement is one of many special floor achievements for players to unlock. See the complete list of each achievement in the game here.

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