Luigi’s Mansion 3: 14F The Dance Hall Guide

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Upon tracking down the Polterkitty for a second time you will receive the Elevator Button for 14F. With this button you can access the floor known as The Dance Hall. To help you get through this floor use the 14F The Dance Hall guide below.

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Explore the Dance Hall

From the elevator make your way to the right down the hallway. You will get stopped and have to fight a couple of ghosts. Defeat the ghosts and continue to the right. You will get attacked by a haunted trashcan. Take out the trash then head up the stairs nearby to reach the Dance Floor.

Dance Floor

Image showing the Dance Floor room.

When you enter the Dance Floor room you will see the Elevator Button on the floor in front of you. Walk up to the button and a cutscene will trigger. During this cutscene a Luigi gets blasted by sound waves which causes him to drop the button. A crew of ghost dancers appears. You need to take them out.

How to Defeat DJ Phantasmagloria

Image showing the first round of the DJ Phantasmagloria boss fight.

On the Dance Floor the elevator button will get taken by a dance crew of ghosts. This starts the boss battle for the floor. This boss battle has two distinct sections:

  1. Ghost Dance Crew: The first section is the ghost dance crew. To complete this section you need to single out the ghost that is dancing awkwardly and jump near him. This causes the ghost to toss the elevator button to another ghost. Follow that ghost with your eyes and jump near him when the safe to do so. This shifts the fight into the next phase with DJ Phantasmagloria.
  2. DJ Phantasmagloria: To defeat DJ Phantasmagloria you need to dodge her attacks until she throws a few records and starts dancing. At this moment run up to her and jump to knock her afro off. Flashlight her then vacuum her. Repeat this process until she is defeated.

Once you’ve beaten DJ Phantasmagloria you can pick up the final Elevator Button for floor 15. Take the button and head back to the elevator. Before you reach the elevator you will get attacked by the dance crew. Take them out like normal ghosts. Make your way to floor 15. The end of the game is in sight.

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