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The 13F of the Last Resort is home to the hotel’s Fitness Center. To reach this floor you need to get the elevator button from Captain Fishook on floor twelve. Once you have the button you can make your way up to the Fitness Center where another elevator button resides. To help you get through this floor use the 13F Fitness Center guide below.

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Explore the Fitness Center

Inside the Elevator Hall walk along the left side of the room and the phone will ring. Pick up the phone to learn that Channel 3 has perfect music for the Training Room. Continue to the left and enter to door to reach the Gym Lobby.

Gym Lobby

In the Gym Lobby go through the door on the left to find out it is locked. After you check the door a ball will hit the window. Go over and look to see the boss ghost of this area. After the cutscene ghosts will appear. Defeat them all to get the key to the locked door. Go through the locked door to the Locker Room.

Locker Room

Image showing the Locker Room.

Upon entering the Locker Room you will trigger a fight with a yellow ghost. This ghost hides inside lockers. To reveal the ghost Plunger the locker it is inside. Defeat the yellow ghost and continue to the left. Enter the door here to reach the Weight Room.

Weight Room

Image showing the Weight Room.

Inside the Weight Room you will come face to face with two enemy ghosts. One ghost is wearing boxing gloves while the other is curling plates. To defeat these ghosts you need to get the ghost curling plates to throw the plate at the boxing glove ghosts. This happens when you run through the middle of the room (there’s an impact crater there). Once you do this flash the ghost and suck it up. Repeat until dead then take out the other ghosts that will drop its plate. Head to the left and enter the Training Room.

Training Room

Image showing the Training Room.

In the Training Room go to the door at the top of the room and interact with it. It is locked. To get the key you need to use the exercise equipment. To do the bikes use your vacuum, and the treadmills you can get on and run. The goal is to reach 4 green squares. Once you reach 4 green squares the equipment opens. Out of one of them you will get a key. Use the key to open the door to the Yoga Room.

Yoga Room

Image showing the Yoga Room.

Inside the Yoga Room there is a full length mirror on the far wall. This reflection in this mirror shows you the layout of the mats in the room. Once you’ve done the proper layout the wall will open. Go through the wall out to the exterior of the Fitness Center. Walk over to the chest to get the key. Return to the Yoga Room and go to head into the next room. Defeat the ghosts that appear using their reflections to find their locations. Head through the door into the Shower Room.

Shower Room

In the Shower Room you will see a number of ghosts taking showers. This causes the room to be steamy which makes your flashlight useless. You need to turn the showers off with your vacuum on the handles to fight the ghosts. Once you’ve defeated the ghosts head to the right into the Pool (boss fight time).

How to Defeat Johnny Deepend

In the Pool Room you will come face to face with the boss of this floor called Johnny Deepen. To beat this boss you need to get Gooigi over to the valve on the other side of the room. Once the valve is open the pool will drain. This allows you to go into the pool via the ladder and fight the boss.

To get Gooigi over to the valve you need to utilize the balls in the pool. Shoot them at the boss when his chest appears. This stuns him. Switch to Gooigi and make your way over to the valve while the boss is stunned. Repeat until the valve is closed. Once you are in the pool you need to take the sunglasses off the boss by hitting him with a ball and then vacuuming off the glasses. After you’ve done this the boss is susceptible to flash and vacuum.

Upon defeat of the boss you will receive the Elevator Button 14. Make your way back to the elevator and go to insert it. This triggers another Polterkitty encounter. Grab the button back from the kitty.

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