Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Catch Polterkitty

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At the end of 8F you will attempt to put the Elevator Button back in only to have it stolen by a Polterkitty. It’s up to you to catch this ghostly cat to get the elevator button back. To make life a little bit easier for you, consult our how to catch Polterkitty guide below.

How to Find Polterkitty

When Polterkitty runs away from the elevator it will run into different rooms on the floor it escapes to (Paranormal Production). To track the Polterkitty you want to use your Dark Light to look for traces of the kitty. Like other ghosts this kitty leaves behind purple footprints showing you where it went. Follow the tracks until your run into the cat. Once you complete a few rounds of fighting, the Polterkitty will escape to another floor (in my case the bathrooms of 7F).

Second Time: When you defeat Polterkitty for the first time it runs away. It reappears when you complete 13F. As you attempt to insert the Elevator Button for floor 14 the Polterkitty will reappear. This sequence is a touch different as Polterpup will help you search. Use the mix of white footprints to follow Polterpup, and purple footprints through the different floors Polterkitty goes to (13F/12F/11F).

How to Damage Polterkitty

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Polterkitty looks sweet and innocent until you flash your flashlight in its face. When you do this Polterkitty transforms into its true self. While in its enraged state the Polterkitty will only approach when your back is turned to it. To deal damage to Polterkitty you want to bait it to attack. This attack occurs when Polterkitty rears up on its back legs and sends out a red flash from its eyes. At this moment turn and then flashlight it. Doing this successfully will allow you to damage the kitty like any other ghost. Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Polterkitty (takes a number of encounters) it will drop the Elevator Button for floor 9.

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    If the polterkitty goes to the third room on the same floor, use gooigi to team up against the polterkitty. While Luigi goes into the room and the kitty pops out, gooigi is outside waiting for it, then you use the strobulb. When you fight the kitty, keep luigis back turned but have gooigi waiting right next to him. The kitty doesn’t see gooigi as a thread and will approach. When it’s the right moment, flash it

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    Shut up brony

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    No mention of WHERE to find the cat, which makes this guide absolutely useless.

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    This is a terrible guide and you should feel bad

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