Luigi’s Mansion 3: 8F Paranormal Productions Guide

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On floor eight you will arrive in an area called Paranormal Productions. As the name suggests this area is all about making films and TV. So don you directing hat and get ready for some ghostly fun. To help you navigate this film floor use the 8F Paranormal Production guide below.

Note: You can find the locations of the collectible gems for this level here.

How to Get the Key in Paranormal Production?

Image showing where to go to get the Key.

From the elevator hang a right and enter the Entrance Hall. Walk through the Entrance Hall past all the posters until you reach the Studio Entrance. Go to the left corner of the Studio Entrance and turn on the TV with your flashlight. Wait for the signal to transfer through the wire then interact with the TV to teleport in front of the key case. Use your Plunger on the case to open it and get the key. Take the key back to the Studio Entrance and head inside.

Where to Find Morty’s Megaphone in Paranormal Production?

Image showing Morty the ghost.

Inside Backstage you will meet Morty. Morty is a director ghost that view himself as a worthless director. Morty also happens to gave the Elevator Button we need to get. During his monologue Morty talks about finding his Megaphone. We will do that for him.

Studio 4: Megaphone

Our first stop is Studio 4 which is located on the left side of backstage. Head into Studio 4 and make your way onto the set. Here you will see the Megaphone suspended in some spider webs. To do this we need to find something to carry flames and flames themselves. These items can be found in Studio 2 & Studio 3.

Studio 1: Bucket of Water

Image showing how to get a bucket of water.

The Torch we are looking for is located in Studio 2. Before we go there and get it we first need to get a bucket of water. To get the bucket of water go into Studio 1 and turn on the TV. Go back to the Backstage area and grab the bucket next to the TVs. Go through the TV with the bucket to Studio 1. Place the bucket in the scene then use the camera. Send in Gooigi. Have him pick up the bucket and drop it in the well to make a ghost appear. Defeat the ghost and grab the full bucket of water to take to Studio 2 through the TV portal.

Studio 2: Torch

Image showing the tree to water to get the torch.

Take the bucket of water we got from Studio 1 and put it onto the set. Turn on the Camera and use Gooigi to pour water on the sprout next to the watch tower. This causes a ladder to grow. As pour the water on the sprout ghosts will spawn in. Take them out and grab the torch. Head to Studio 3 with torch in hand.

Studio 3: Flames

Studio 3 can be found just above Studio 4. On this set there is a number of flaming buildings. These buildings are our flame source. Turn on the camera and send in Gooigi. Take out the enemy ghost that appear (use your Plunger to rid them of their equipment first). Once you’ve secured the set you will have access to a flame source. Light the torch we’ve grabbed and return to Studio 4.

Studio 4: Megaphone Got

Place the lit torch on the stage in Studio 4 and jump behind the camera. Use Gooigi to open the box with his Plunger. Upon opening the box a giant spider will emerge. Torch the spider then torch its webs to get at the Megaphone it was holding. Take the Megaphone and give return it to Morty.

How to ‘Defeat’ Morty

Image showing how to defeat Morty.

When you return the Megaphone to Morty he will open up a news area called Studio 5: City Set. When you enter this area you will film a short movie. This short movie is the boss fight. To defeat the boss in this area you need to shoot the large orbs back at him using blow from your vacuum. As you deal damage the orbs will become harder to send back so you will need to use Gooigi and Luigi together. The final time you send back an orb you will need to complete a short QTE. Do this then take out the ghost to get the Elevator Button 9.

Capturing Morty or Letting Him Live?

You may have noticed that we don’t capture Morty at the end of this level. Well that’s intentional. Morty goes into the Editing Room and works on the movie you shot. If you go into the room you can capture him at any time. Letting Morty live unlocks a short movie staring Luigi you can view later in the playthrough by returning to see Morty.

Leave the location and head to the elevator. Insert the elevator button and a cutscene will trigger of cat stealing the Elevator Button from you. You need to catch the cat to get it back.

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