Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 15F Gem Locations – Collected All Master Suites Gems

The final floor of the hotels is the Master Suites. On this floor there are a total of six gems to collect. These gems are part of the 102 total gems hidden throughout the hotel. To find all the Master Suites gems use our all 15F Gem locations guide below.

Green Gem Location: Hidden Cabinet in Lounge

Image showing the Green Gem Location: Hidden Cabinet in Lounge.

In the lowered sofa area of the lounger there are two circles on the left and right sides of the sunken sitting area. Stand Luigi and Gooigi on both sides to have a cabinet appear in the middle of the floor. Out of the cabinet comes the Green Gem.

Purple Gem Location: Elevator in Lounge

Image showing the Purple Gem Location: Elevator in Lounge.

To the left of the movie screen is a pipe on the wall. Send Gooigi through the pipe to get on top of the elevator. Drop through the hole of the elevator to reach the Purple Gem.

White Gem Location: Statue Puzzle in Hallway

Image showing the White Gem Location Statue Puzzle in Hallway.

In the Hallway head to the left side of the room and you will see a statue by a Boo portrait. Use the vacuum to turn the statue so the shadow matches the Boo shape. This reveals another portrait of Luigi. Turn the statue again to match the portrait. This reveals the White Gem.

Red Gem Location: Return Book in Library

Image showing the Red Gem Location Return Book in Library.

Make your way to the Library and head down to the floor below. Take a left at the fuse box to reach a hidden room. Inside this room there is a book you can vacuum up. Take the book upstairs and place it on the shelf to the right of the key box. This reveals a secret cabinet with the Red Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Crawl Space Beneath Master Bathroom

Image showing the Blue Gem Location Crawl Space Beneath Master Bathroom.

Head through the Master Bathroom until you reach the shower. Turn off the shower if it is on then send Gooigi down the drain into the crawl space area. Walk down the crawl space and take a left. You will see the Blue Gem on a wooden bridge above. Go through the pipe here to reach the gem.

Yellow Gem Location: Cell in Master Bedroom

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Cell in Master Bedroom.

Inside the Master Bedroom trigger the mannequin so the floor flips (bottom right mannequin). Get on the balance board and use Luigi and Gooigi to reach the top of the room. Here you will see the Yellow Gem in a cell. Go through the bars with Gooigi to get the gem.

If you collect all six of the gems listed above you will unlock the Collected All Master Suites Gems. These collectibles are part of a broader collection of collectibles you can view here.

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