Luigi’s Mansion 3: 2F Mezzanine Guide

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Once you’ve cleared the Hotel Shops area on the third floor you will gain access to a new area called the Mezzanine.This area can be located on the second floor of the hotel. To complete this area use our 2F Mezzanine Guide below.

Note: You can find a guide to all the collectibles in this area using our guide here.

Reaching the Kitchen

Image showing how to reach the Kitchen of Floor 2.

To beat this area you need to reach the Kitchen. To do this access the Mezzanine zone through the door next to the double doors in the lobby area. Once you are in the hallway follow your ghost doggo who will lead you into the restaurant. In the restaurant you will trigger a cut scene and then will fight a number of ghosts. Take out the ghosts then head into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen you will find a ton of smoke coming from the chef. Use Gooigi and Luigi to suck the smoke away revealing the boss, Chef Soulffle.

Kitchen: Chef Soulffle Boss

Image showing the Chef Soulffle boss.

The boss in the Kitchen has 350 health. The ghost uses a pan to block your attempts at hitting it with your flashlight. To get around this you want to suck up a fruit and shoot it at the chef when its pan is down. This allows you to then blind it and suck it up. Repeat this process a few times and you will easily defeat this boss.

Getting the Elevator Button Back

When you approach the dropped Elevator Button a mouse will steal and run away. You need to find this mouse and get the Elevator Button back. To do this head back into the restaurant area.

How to Catch the Mouse in Restaurant

Image showing how to catch the mouse in the Restaurant.

In the restaurant you will notice a mouse hole in the top wall. Take Luigi and walk him to the left of the room facing away from the hole. Summon Gooigi and put some cheese down from the platter nearby. Walk away from the cheese as Gooigi and the mouse will come out of its hole. Hit the mouse with your flashlight to send the Elevator Button flying. Approach the button and interact with it to have the mouse steal it again.

How to Catch the Mouse in Billiard Room

Image showing how to catch the mouse in the Billiards Room.

With the mouse having taken your Elevator Button yet again you need to continue to follow it. Head out into the hallway for a brief cut scene then enter the Billiard Room. Inside this room the mouse will run towards the lockers. Approach the lockers to trigger a ghost fight. Take out the ghosts then approach the lockers again. Use your Plunger shot to drop the lockers to the ground. When you find the rat it will run away for a third and final time.

How to Catch the Mouse in the Women’s Washroom

Image showing Gooigi inside the Women's Bathroom in Floor 2 with the Elevator Button 4 on the ground.

To reach the Women’s Washroom head out into the hallway and take a right. Go inside the far door to enter the Men’s Washroom then pass through the pipe in the left wall as Gooigi. In the Women’s Washroom you want to open the middle stall using your Plunger power. Once this stall is open a number of rats will go running. Vacuum up the glowing one to get the Elevator Button 4F.

With the Elevator Button in hand make your way back to the main elevator and install it. With access to Floor 4 we can advance the story more. Before doing that E.Gadd wants you to meet him back at his lab.

E.Gadd Shopping Network

Image showing what E.Gadd sells in his Shopping Network

Back at E.Gadd’s Lab you will learn about his Shopping Network. All the cash you’ve been acquiring up to this point can be spent on items in his store. These items help you with things like death and collectibles. You will receive one Gold Bone for free.

After you visit with E.Gadd head back to the elevator and go to the next floor which is Floor 4. That’s all for this guide.

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