Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 2F Gem Locations – Collected All Mezzanine Gems

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Above the Lobby area of the Last Resort you will find 2F. On this floor you will find the portrait of E.Gadd as well as some collectibles. To help you find all of these collectibles, consult our All 2F Gem locations guide below.

Red Gem Location: E.Gadd Painting Room

Image showing the Red Gem location in the E-Gadd Painting Room on 2F.

In the room with the E.Gadd Painting you will find the Red Gem in a secret room on the left side of the room that is accessible by Sucking the chandelier.

Green Gem Location: Changing Room

Image showing the location of the Green Gem in the Changing Room of 2F.

You will find the Green Gem in a safe in the Changing Room on 2F. To get to the safe move the coat out of the way on the left wall then use your Strobulb to open the safe. In the safe is the gem.

Purple Gem Location: Billiard Room

Image showing the location of the Purple Gem in the Billiard room.

Return to the Lobby and go to the right of the two large doors. There is a door here that is blocked by a sign. Use your Plunger to move the sign out of the way. Go through the door and enter the first door to the right. This is the Billiard Room. Suck the sword off the right wall and then shoot it at the Dart Board. This will earn you the Purple Gem.

White Gem Location: Bathroom Ghost

Image showing the Bathroom Ghost you need to fight to get the White Gem on 2F.

Past the Billiard Room down the hallway you will reach a split where you can continue straight or go to the right. Go to the right and enter the last door. Inside this door is a bathroom. Use your plunger on the far right stall to open it. In the stall there is a floating newspaper. Pull the newspaper down with your plunger to activate a ghost. Defeat the ghost to get the White Gem.

Yellow Gem Location: Hallway By Billiard Room

Image showing the Yellow Gem location in 2F.

Head down the Hallway past the Billiard Room to reach a closed double door (lead to the Restaurant) with two windows on each side of it. Plunger the sign out of the way then use both Gooigi and Luigi to suck on the fans in the windows. Out of the ceiling will drop the Yellow Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Kitchen Freezer

Make your way into the double doors and go through the Restaurant to the Kitchen. When you enter the Kitchen you will notice two large fridge doors. Open the door on the left with your Plunger. Go into the freeze and suck up the ice block with the Blue Gem inside it. Take the block over to the stove and melt it to get the gem.

Collect all of the gems listed above unlocks the Collected All Mezzanine Gems achievement. This achievement is necessary if you wish to 100% the game.

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