Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 1F Gem Locations – Collected All Grand Lobby Gems

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After you clear B1 you will enter F1 of the Grand Lobby. This area features a number of collectible gems for players to collect. To help you collect the gems in the area, use our All F1 Gem locations guide below.

White Gem Location: Couch Ghost

Image showing where to find the White Gem on Floor 1.

In the room to the left of the front desk there is a couch along the window. Beside this couch there is another couch that is hidden. Use your Dark Light on this couch to make it appear. Once the couch appears you will see five blue orbs that appear. Vacuum them up and a ghost will appear. Defeat the ghost to get the White Gem.

Red Gem Location: Painting By Elevator

Image showing the Red Gem location on Floor 1.

Next to the elevator on the Lobby floor there is a painting of The Last Resort. Underneath the painting there is a cog you can fire the Plunger Shot to. Do this and pull the plunger to have the Red Gem appear.

Blue Gem Location: Grate Cover

Image showing the location of the Blue Gem on Floor 1.

Head upstairs and make your way to the left side of the room. On the floor here you will see a role of carpet. Use your vacuum to roll the carpet up, revealing a grate. Trigger Gooigi and drop through the grate. Walk towards the front area and you will reach a grate cover with the Blue Gem on it. Knock the gem down to have it fall to the desk below. Drop through the grate and grab the gem.

Green Gem Location: Potted Plant

Image showing the Green Gem location of Floor 1.

Beside the elevator you will find the Green Gem in a potted plant to the right of the elevator. To get at the gem you need to use the Plunger on the potted plant to pull it to the ground. This breaks the pot allowing you to grab the gem.

Purple Gem Location: Hidden Behind Reception Desk

Image showing the location of the Purple Gem on Floor 1.

The Purple Gem can be found behind the Lobby Desk in a hidden area behind the Mail Slots. You need to use your Strobulb on the green switch to the right to access this hidden area. Once the switch is active the Purple Gem will appear for you to grab it.

Yellow Gem Location: Chandelier

Image showing the location of the Yellow Gem in Floor 1.

The Yellow Gem can be found in the Chandelier in the middle of the Lobby next to the entrance to the hotel. To get the gem to appear you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Have Luigi stand on the right pressure plate.
  2. Have Gooigi stand on the left pressure plate.
  3. Use Gooigi’s Blow on the Chandelier. Switch to Luigi.
  4. Use Luigi’s Suck on the Chandelier.
  5. Profit.

If you follow the steps above a number of coins will rain down on you. After this the Yellow Gem will appear.

Once you’ve gathered all six gems listed above you will unlock the All Grand Lobby Gems achievements. This achievement counts towards your overall progress in the game.

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