Luigi’s Mansion 3: All B1 Gem Locations – Collected All Basement Gems

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In Luigi’s Mansion 3 there are a number of collectibles for player to collect as they make their way through The Last Resort. These collectibles take the form of gems. Each floor of The Last Resort contains a number of gems to collect. To help you collect these gems I’m putting together guides for each floor. To start check out our All B1 Gem locations guide for Luigi’s Mansion 3.

White Gem Location: Underground Garage

Image showing the location of the White Gem in B1.

In the Underground Garage area of B1 you will find a covered truck. Uncover this truck using your vacuum to reveal a switch. Use your Strobulb on the switch to open the Truck’s trunk. In the trunk is the White Gem.

Red Gem Location: Underground Garage

Image showing the location of the Red Gem in B1.

On the leftside of the Underground Garage you will find an enclosed area with a generator inside it. Advance the story until you unlock Gooigi. Once you have Gooigi use him to enter the caged area. After Gooigi is inside the cage area use his Suction Shot to open the Electricity Box. Once this box is open use the Strobulb to hit the switch. This casues the Red Gem to appear.

Blue Gem Location: Elevator Shaft

Image showing how to get the Blue Gem in the Elevator Shaft in B1.

On the right side of the Underground Garage you there is a closed maintenance shaft next to E.Gadd’s truck. Open the shaft using your Suction Shot. Go inside the maintenance shaft to enter the elevator shaft. Climb up the ladder on the right side of the shaft to the ledge above. Walk along the ledge until you see a grate in the floor. Summon Gooigi to fall through the grate. Walk Gooigi over to the Blue Gem to collect it.

Green Gem Location: Laundry Room

Image showing the location of the Green Gem in the B1 Laundry Room.

In the Laundry Room of B1 you will find a a dryer with a Green Gem inside it. Use your Suction Shot to open the Dryer and grab the Green Gem.

Purple Gem Location: Hallway

Image showing the location of the B1 Hallway Purple Gem.

Along the Hallway outside the Underground Garage you will see a painting with a gem on it. On this painting is a gem. Use the Dark Light on the painting to have the Purple Gem appear in the Hallway.

Yellow Gem Location: Service Stairwell

Image showing the Yellow Gem location in the Service Stairwell.

In the Stairway up to the Lobby you will notice the Yellow Gem underneath the top floor. Summon Gooigi on top of the grate here to have him fall to the ledge below. Walk over to the Yellow Gem to collect it.

Once you’ve collected all the Gems in B1, you will unlock the Collected All Basement Gems achievement. This achievement counts toward overall completion of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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