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Once you’ve secured and returned E.Gadd’s briefcase back to him you will be tasked with going to 3F (the Hotel Shops section). Make your way to the nearest elevator and go to floor 3. To help you complete this section of the hotel use our 3F Hotel Shops guide below.

Getting the Mall Lobby Key

Image showing where to find the Mall Lobby Key.

From the main elevator head to the right and enter the Men’s Washroom. Open the stall on the right using your Plunger to get the key to the Mall Lobby. Leave the washroom and head to the left to reach the locked Mall Lobby door. Open the door to trigger a cutscene with a security ghost.

Mall Lobby

Image showing where to get the Diamond Key on Floor 3.

When you enter the Mall Lobby you will see a security ghost drop his diamond key. Our objective is to get this key. To do this go up the escalator and take a right. Walk all the way down the hallway and grab the diamond key.

Getting the Heart Key

Image showing where to get the Heart Key.

Return to the Mall Lobby and go into the Accessories shop which is to the left of the top of the escalator. To get into the shop use Gooigi. Walk Gooigi over to the cash register and open it. The heart key will come flying out and will get grabbed by some ghosts. Defeat the ghosts to get the key.

Getting the Spade Key

Image showing where to get the spade key on Floor 3.

With the heart key in hand go down the stairs and enter the Boutique shop which is to the right of the bottom of the escalators. Go up to the register and interact with it. This causes the spade key to appear but it will fly away. Use your flashlight on the switch that appears on the wall above where the register was to reveal a hidden room with a ton of coins. Start vacuuming up the coins to trigger fight with some ghosts. Defeat the ghosts to get the spade key.

Getting the Clubs Key

Image showing where to get the Clubs Key in Floor 3.

Take the spade key and head upstairs into the Gift Shop. Approach the register and it will disappear. Use your Black Light on where the register was. Vacuum up the blue orbs and it will appear. Interact with it to get the clubs key. When you grab the key ghosts wearing sunglasses will appear. Vacuum the sunglasses off the ghosts then hit them with your flashlight. Defeat all the ghosts and exit.

Getting the Security Room Key

Image showing how to get the Security Room key on floor 3.

The final shop left to visit is the Barber Shop on the lower left corner of the bottom floor. Go there now. When you reach the shop you will notice it is locked up pretty tight. Using Luigi and Gooigi suck the fans on both sides of the giant scissors. Doing this correctly will open the shutters enough for Gooigi to enter the shop. Inside the Barber Shop use your black light on the section of counter to the right of the sink. This makes the register appear. Interact with the register to get the security room key.

Reaching the Security Room

When Gooigi exits the Barber Shop a ghost will turn on the sprinklers. Pick up the security room key and head for the escalators. When you get on the escalators they will turn on, essentially causing you to be unable to reach the top of them. After this happens a fight will trigger with a big ghost. To defeat this bit ghost use your flashlight to stun it then run around to its back and vacuum from there. Repeat this process a couple of times and ghost will fall. Head up the escalator to the Security Office and go inside.

Security Office: Boss Fight

Image showing the Kruller boss fight on Floor 3.

Inside the Security Office you will come face to face with the Kruller. This enemy is the boss fight for this area. This boss wields a water gun and stays in the room opposite you that is separated by a grate. When clear you need to send Gooigi into the room with the Security Ghost. To defeat this boss you need to:

  1. Use flashlight on it.
  2. Vacuum its glasses off face.
  3. Use flashlight again.
  4. Vacuum up ghost.
  5. Repeat until dead.

Pretty straightforward boss fight. Keep in mind this boss has a health pool of 250, so you will need to repeat the above steps a few times until dead. Once you’ve defeated the ghost it will drop the Elevator Button for 2F.

Return to the elevator and insert the button. Use it to go to Floor 2. This starts the next objective of the story which is to explore Floor 2.

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