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After escaping King Boo in the Prologue of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you will take control of Luigi in The Last Resort’s Laundry Room. This officially starts the game and your quest to rescue your trapped friends. To help you save the first friend, use our Luigi’s Mansion 3 rescue E.Gadd guide below.

Laundry Room

Image showing the Laundry Room in The Last Resort.

When you reach the Laundry Room via the Laundry Chute you will take control of Luigi. Luigi can now be injured (as shown by the 99 hearts in the top left corner of the screen) so keep that in mind. Also note you can now collect coins by looking through different items in the environment, so you will want to do that. In the Laundry Room look in the first Washing Machine for two coins. Head to the right and interact with the faucet closest the screen to get another coin. Head to the right and leave the Laundry Room.


In the Hallway walk to the right. Go inside the first door you see (if you try to go right you won’t be able to continue forward). This door leads to the Parkade.

Underground Garage: Poltergust G-00 Unlock

Image showing the location of the Poltergust G-00 Unlock.

Inside the Underground Garage head to the left and go up the stairs to reach a Toolbox. Open the Toolbox to get 35x Coins. Head to the right and run over the garbage pile with the fish head on top of it to get another 31x Coins. Continue right and you will see an E.Gadd’s car with a trailer. Walk up to the car and interact with it to get the Poltergust G-00.

After a brief tutorial on your new weapon you will regain control of Luigi. With the vacuum you can now suck things. Doing this will net you a number of coins. Target the cement column to the left of the old car to get a ton of coins. You can also suck up the Green Bills on the shelf on wall to the left of the Underground Garage Entrance to get a bunch more coins. Once you’ve sucked all over, leave the Parkade and head back into the Hallway.

Hallway Again

Note: with the Vacuum you can backtrack to the Laundry Room to collect a number of coins. Do this now if you so desire.

In the Hallway head to the right. As you head to the right look at the pipes on the ceiling. Use your vacuum on the pipes to grab the coins on them. Continue to the right and interact with the elevator. At this interaction you will be interrupted by your ghostly dog companion on the door to the right. Use your Strobulb on the door to open it then go inside to reach a stairwell.


Before going up the stairs, use your Strobulb on the vending machine on the bottom floor of the room. This causes a bunch of coins to shoot out of the machine. Collect the coins and stay on the lower floor. Head to the right to find a secret area under the stairs. Open the chest to get a ton of coins. Return to the staircase and go up them. You will reach a blockade. Use ZR+ZL to clear the blockade. Continue up the stairs and head out the door into the Lobby.

Ghosts in the Lobby

Image showing the Ghosts in the Lobby of The Last Resort.

If you want more coins vacuum up everything in the Lobby before advancing into the middle area. Once you advance into the middle of the Lobby you will trigger a cutscene. In this cutscene you will see a number of ghosts barricading the entrance to The Last Resort. After this cutscene you will trigger the first combat section.

To complete the combat you need to hit the ghost with a Strobulb blast then suck them with your vacuum. While sucking you can deal damage to the ghost by following the prompts on your screen. After you kill the first ghost you need to kill two more. Once all three are defeated you will return to exploring the Lobby. When ready approach the front desk.

Use your ZR+ZL on the front desk to gain access behind it. Vacuum everything behind the desk then use your Strobulb on the green switch to the right. This reveals a secret compartment behind the mailboxes. Vacuum up everything here and grab Diamond #1. Grab the key to the left and head up the stairs to the second floor. Open the large doors with the key you grabbed from the front desk.

E.Gadd Portrait in Stage Room

Image showing the E.Gadd Portrait in Stage Room.

Inside this room you will see a portrait of E.Gadd. There’s nothign you can do for him now so leave the room through the left door and follow the hallway. In the hallway you will see a door that your ghost doggy jumps through. This door is locked and needs a key to open. Go inside the door to the right to enter a change room.

Finding Key in Changing Room

Image showing where Luigi is Finding Key in Changing Room.

Inside the Changing Room you will see a switch on the mirror to the right side of the room. Use your Strobulb on the Switch to reveal the key behind the painting. Grab the key then head to the left of the room. Move the woman’s coat using your vacuum to reveal a safe. Open the safe to find Gem #1. Return to the Hallway and defeat the ghosts there. Head back to the locked room and open it. Go inside the room to reach a Storage Room.

Getting New Bulb in Storage Room

Image showing where to get the New Bulb.

Suck up everything you can in the Storage Room to get some serious coin. Open the chest in the right corner of the room as well. once you’ve done this use the Strobulb on the Safe to get a new bulb you can use on paintings by holding X. Once you have this bulb return to the Stage room.

Stage Room Again

Back in the Stage Room use the new bulb on the portrait of E.Gadd. E.Gadd will get sucked out of the painting and will appear before you. He wants to leave, but Luigi tells him that the others have been captured. E.Gadd will ask you to take him back to his car in the Underground Garage. Do this now by using the B1 button of the elevator in the lobby.

Underground Garage: Steward Fight

Image showing the Underground Garage Steward Fight.

Inside the Underground Garage you will fight a Steward. This fight is more difficult than the enemies we’ve faced up to this point as the Steward has 250 health. Like other ghosts you want to hit it with your Strobulb then vacuum it up. Repeat this process a couple of times to defeat the Steward. Each time you deal some damage you will trigger an attack phase from the Steward. Avoid the luggage it throws at you. Upon the Steward’s death you will receive two elevator buttons for Floor’s 1&5.

After the fight E.Gadd will invite you over to his car. He will show you an invention he’s made which is a portable laboratory. Go inside the laboratory and speak to E.Gadd, During the cutscene E.Gadd will give you the Virtual Boo (VB) item. The VB allows you to communicate with VB on the fly. He will also give you the elevator tracker which he wants you to install in the elevator. Leave the Underground Garage and head to the elevator.


Inside the Elevator install the elevator tracker. This triggers a cutscene. After the cutscene you will be prompted to use the VB to communicate with E.Gadd. Do this now. Once you’ve done this head up to floor 5F.

Floor 5: Suitcase Stealing Maid

Image showing the Suitcase Stealing Maid.

After you leave the elevator on floor 5F head to the right. Use your plunger ability to move the luggage out of the way. Walk down the hallway and take a right. Continue down the hallway until you reach Room 508. This is E.Gadd’s room. Before entering the room you need to defeat three ghosts in the hallway. Once defeated go inside the room to run into a maid ghost. This ghost will take E.Gadd’s briefcase into the next room. Return to the hallway and head into Room 507.

In Room 507 you will run into the maid again. Attempt to fight it and you will lose. It will run away. Return to the Hallway and go into Room 505. To deal damage to the Maid you want to hit her with the Strobulb then use the Plunger Shot then vacuum. After you deal damage she will run away to Room 506. Follow her there and deal damage to her. After this sequence it will run back to Room 508. Take her out to get E.Gadd’s suitcase and the Elevator button for floor 3. Take the suitcase back to E.Gadd in his laboratory.

Unlocking Gooigi

Image showing unlocking Gooigi.

Back in E.Gadd’s lab you will give the briefcase back to him. During this sequence you will unlock Gooigi. Gooigi is a goo version of Luigi. E.Gadd will make you run through a brief tutorial on using Gooigi. Complete this tutorial and head to Floor 3F.

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