Luigi’s Mansion 3: 6F Castle MacFright Guide

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The next floor we are going to visit is 6F Castle MacFright. As the name suggests this floor is medieval in design than other floors we’ve explored so far. To help you get through the floor, check out our 6F Castle MacFright guide below.

Note: You can see collectible locations for this floor here.

Enter the Castle

Image showing how to access Castle MacFright.

From the elevator head forward and turn right so you enter the exterior of the castle. Send Gooigi through the gate and have him pull the gate open using the rope to the left of it. Switch to Luigi and walk through the open gate. Head inside the castle.

Reach the King of 6F

Walk forward onto the Coliseum Balcony to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene turn left and enter the Armory. Take out the three ghosts here and head left into the Stairway. In the Stairway use Gooigi to cross the spikes and reach the chest. Continue down the stairs and send Gooigi across the spikes again and have him pull the rope to lower the spikes, allowing Luigi to cross. Head into the Cellar.

Inside the Cellar you will get attacked by ghosts. Take out the ghosts that appear and grab the key in the middle barrel. Take the key and leave the Cellar to the right to enter the Antechamber.

Image showing where to go in the Antechamber.

In the Antechamber send Gooigi across the spikes and have him pull the rope there. This causes four balls to drop from the ceiling. Pull the balls until a trapdoor opens leading to the floor below. Drop down the trapdoor as Luigi. Pick up the torch and bring it near the button. Flashlight the button then light the torch and use it to burn the spiderwebs. Cross through the bottom and pull the rope at the end to reveal a ladder. Go up the ladder and enter the Cage-Lift Room.

Image showing the Cage-Lift Room.

Walk right across the upper platform and vacuum the fan on the wall. This raises the elevator. Get on the elevator as Luigi then have Gooigi lower the elevator with Luigi inside down to the bottom of the room. Head to the and shine your Dark Light on the wall to reveal a door. Interact with the door to enter a hidden room called Waterwheel Room.

Send Gooigi through the first trap with the hooded figures. Have Gooigi pull the rope on the right side of the roof over the trap then have Luigi pull the left rope. This causes the roof to fall, allowing Luigi to cross. Walk Luigi over to the chest to get the key. Return to the Cage-Lift Room, take out the ghosts that appear and then open the bottom right door to enter the Dungeon.

Image showing what you need to do in the Dungeon.

In the Dungeon walk to the left and have Gooigi pull the ball on the wall here to open the cell. Send Luigi into the cell and grab the key. Once you do this a ghost appears that splashes Gooigi with water. Walk Luigi to the gate then send Gooigi through. Take out the ghosts and pull the ball again to let Luigi out. Leave the room to the left to reach Bridge Room.

Image showing what to do in the Bridge Room.

To traverse the Bridge Room you want to use Gooigi to hold the ball by the entrance. Once you do this a fan appears on the wall. Send Luigi over to blow/suck the fan to create a bridge you can cross. Cross the bridge to reach the Cart Storage Area.

Image showing what to do in the Cart Storage Room.

To cross the Cart Storage room you need to use Gooigi to pull the carts on both sides of the room to block the shuriken throwing statues. Once the path is clear, walk Luigi through. As you walk you will trigger some ghosts. Take them out and proceed through the Coliseum Hallway.

How to Beat King MacFrights

Image showing King MacFright

When you enter the Coliseum you will trigger a boss fight with King MacFrights. This boss fight has two rounds you need to complete to beat the boss. These rounds are:

  1. On Horse: The boss starts the fight being in a suit of armor on a horse. To complete this round avoid King MacFrights until he charges. Use your flashlight when he charges you then Plunger his suit of armor into the ground. After the first round arrows will fire as you avoid the King. Dodge them and repeat this three times to trigger the next round.
  2. On Foot: After the horse round you will fight King MacFrights hand to hand. To complete this round dodge the King when he spins then flashlight him. Vacuum him when stunned.

Upon defeat of King MacFrights you will receive the Elevator Button 7. Leave the area and return to the elevator. Insert the button and head to Floor 7.

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