Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 6F Gem Locations – Collected All Castle MacFright Gems

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The sixth floor of the Last Resort is a medieval castle that players will explore. As you explore the castle be on the lookout for gems to collect. To help you find each gem in this level, use our All 6F Gem Locations guide below.

Red Gem Location: Suit in Hall of Armor

Image showing the Red Gem Location Suit in Hall of Armor.

Make your way into the front of the castle and enter the Hall of Armor. In the Hall of Armor you will notice a suit is missing in the top right corner. Use your Dark Light to make the suit of armor appear then plunger it to the ground to reveal the Red Gem.

Purple Gem Location: Chest in Armory

Image showing the Purple Gem Location Chest in Armory.

After the Coliseum Balcony make your way into the Armory. Inside the Armory you want to plunger the wall in between the racks of weapons. Pull the plunger to reveal a hidden wall that houses a chest. Inside the chest is the Purple Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Shelf in Cellar

Image showing the Blue Gem Location Shelf in Cellar.

Inside the Cellar you will see the Blue Gem on a ledge in the upper right corner. To access this gem pull the large right Barrel open using your Plunger. Go inside the barrel and turn right. Climb the ladder to reach the gem.

Yellow Gem Location: Cage in Cage-Lift Room

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Cage in Cage-Lift Room.

In the Cage-Lift Room use Gooigi to raise the elevator then get in it as Luigi. Go down the elevator to the bottom of the room and you will see the Yellow Gem in a cage suspended in the middle of the room. Lower the cage by blowing the fan on the left wall. Send Gooigi into the cage to collect the Gem.

Green Gem Location: Royal Coffers in Coliseum Hallway

Image showing the Green Gem Location Royal Coffers in Coliseum Hallway.

Go down the Coliseum Hallway until you see a square banner on the wall. Vacuum up the banner and use your Dark Light to reveal a door. Go inside to reach the Royal Coffers and the Green Gem.

White Gem Location: Coliseum Suit of Armor

Image showing Gem Location Coliseum Suit of Armor.

As you leave the Coliseum having beaten King MacFrights you will pass a suit of armor. This suit of armor will drop the White Gem as you approach it.

Collect all of these Gems to unlock the Collected All Castle MacFrights Achievement. If you are wanting to do a 100% run of this game you will want to complete this achievement.

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