Luigi’s Mansion 3: 7F Garden Suites Guide

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From floor 6 make your way to floor 7 to reach the Garden Suites area. This area tasks you with exploring which leads you to the next Elevator Button. To help you traverse this area check out our 7F Garden Suite guide below.

Note: You can see the locations of the collectible gems for this area here.

Reach the Atrium

Image showing the Elevator Button inside the Atrium.

To start make your way through the Elevator Hall to reach the Atrium. When you enter the Atrium you will trigger a cutscene that features a conveniently placed Elevator Button. Approach the button and interact with it to trigger another cutscene. During this cutscene you will lose the Elevator Button. Time to go get it.

Getting the Elevator Button Again

Go up the stairs in the Atrium and follow the path to the vine. Vacuum up the vine to swing across the gap. Continue up the stairs and move the plant out of the way. Go inside the Blooming Suite.

Image showing inside the Blooming Suite.

Inside the Blooming Suite make your way to the middle of the room and vacuum up the leaves covering the door to the next area. Go up to the door and interact with it to trigger a fight with some ghosts. Defeat the ghosts and go through the door to reach the Blooming Bathroom.

In the Blooming Bathroom vacuum up the piles of flowers as you make your way over to the left wall. Vacuum the leaves on the wall to reveal a hole in the wall. Go through the hole into the Atrium. Head up the stairs to trigger another cutscene featuring Pineapples. Dodge the pineapples as you go up the stairs then pull the plant over. Go into the hole in the wall to reach the Thorny Bathroom.

Image showing inside the Thorny Bathroom.

Inside the Thorny Bathroom you need to destroy the vine in the toilet that is blocking your path up the stairs. To do this you want to use the Plunger on the garbage can and use it to smash the toilet. Vacuum the vine and fight the ghosts that appear. Once defeated return to the Atrium. Head up the now unblocked path. Dodge the double pineapples on the stairs and remove the plant. Head into the Ivy Suite.

Image showing inside the Ivy Tower.

When in the Ivy Tower you will notice a chainsaw sitting on the floor. Hit the chainsaw with a flashlight and it will start up. Suck up the chainsaw and use it to cut the vines blocking the door. Try to open the door and you will be grabbed by a ghost arm. Swap to Gooigi and pick up the chainsaw. Use it on the arm to free Luigi. Head through the door into the Ivy Bathroom.

Image showing crossing the vines in the Atrium.

In the Ivy Bathroom you will see a giant watermelon blocking a hole in the wall. Using both Luigi and Gooigi, use your Plunger ability to move the Watermelon out of your way. Go through the hole in the wall back to the Atrium. Back in the Atrium you will see some coiled vines. Blow the vines so you can cross the room. Swing across the vine at the top then continue up the stairs until you reach the top. Walk towards the door to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene enter the hole in the wall to reach Mushroom Suite.

The Mushroom Suite is a large vertical room with a few growing mushrooms inside it. In this room you want to use the mushrooms to go higher. To do this move the mushroom in the cart to the vine platform then jump on it to reach the ledge above. Go higher and use the mushroom again to reach the top. Walk right over to the door and pull the leaf off it. Go through the door to reach the Atrium.

Cross the Atrium using the vines and pull the plant apart with Luigi and Gooigi to get reveal the Elevator Button which falls all the way to the ground. Step onto the leaf here and interact with it to reach the ground quickly. Walk over to the Elevator Button to trigger the boss fight.

How to Defeat Dr. Potter

Image showing Dr. Potter.

Dr. Potter is the boss you face in the Garden Suites. This boss is a ghost gardener. At the start of the fight Dr. Potter will whip out a plant. This plant chomps at you and must be dealt with. To deal with the plant you need to bait it into biting objects around the arena. Once it bites on something use the chainsaw to cut it off. This allows you to deal damage to Dr.Potter like any normal ghost. Repeat this process a few times to beat the boss.

After Dr. Potter is defeated he will drop the Elevator Button on a leaf above. Pick up the watering can he drops and take it over to the plant underneath it. Water the planet and climb the ladder it creates to reach the Elevator Button 8. Go back to the elevator.

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