Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 7F Gem Locations – Collected All Garden Suites Gems

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After you’ve traveled through floor 6 you will make your way unsurprisingly to floor 7 which is home to the Garden Suites. On this floor you will find six gems to collect. To help you find all the gems in the Garden Suites area, use the All 7F Gem Locations guide below.

Yellow Gem Location: Hidden in Elevator Hall

Image showing the Yellow Gem Location Hidden in Elevator Hall.

From the elevator make your way to the right into the hallway where there are three paintings. At the least painting point your Dark Light to reveal the Yellow Gem. Use your vacuum to collect it.

Red Gem Location: On Bed in Blooming Suite

Image showing the Red Gem Location On Bed in Blooming Suite.

On Level 2 make your way to into the Blooming Suites room (just after you swing across the vine). Go to the right side of the of the room and use your Plunger on the nightstand by the bed. Send Gooigi into the pipe and use your flashlight on the Plant there to get the Red Gem.

Purple Gem Location: Tub in Blooming Bathroom

Image showing the Purple Gem Location Tub in Blooming Bathroom.

After the Blooming Suite you will enter the Blooming Bathroom. Inside the bathroom there are piles of flowers. Vacuum up the piles of flowers in the room and the tub to revel a drain. Go down the drain as Gooigi and make your way through the lower floor. Vacuum the leaves on the wall beside the pipes to reveal a pipe leading up to the tub and the Purple Gem.

White Gem Location: Ivy Bathroom Plant

Image showing the White Gem Location Ivy Bathroom Plant.

Inside the Ivy Bathroom look on the floor to the left with your Dark Light to reveal a drain. Send Gooigi down into the drain and walk to the right. Use your Dark Light to fix the pipe then switch over to Luigi. Have Luigi turn on the tub faucet so water flows through the pipe and waters the flower down below. Use your flashlight as Gooigi to reveal the White Gem.

Green Gem Location: Mushroom Suite Basement

Image showing the Green Gem Location Mushroom Suite Basement.

In the Mushroom Suite make your way onto the bed on the left side of the room. Vacuum up the covers on the side and walk down the vine into the basement. Send Gooigi so the pipe on the far wall and then use his flashlight on the flower to get the Green Gem.

Blue Gem Location: Top of Atrium

Image showing the Blue Gem Location Top of Atrium.

When you reach the very top of the Atrium you will find a flytrap waiting for you. Opening this fly trap reveals the Elevator Button. From the flytrap head left and walk to the left corner of the room. Use your vacuum on the leaves covering the wall here to find an entrance. Go out the entrance and walk along the outside of the room to find the Blue Gem.

Collecting all of the Gems listed above nets you the Collected All Garden Suites Gems achievement. Grab all of these gems if you want to complete a 100% run of the the game.

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